more zipper fobs + some sassy fabric


I can’t stop! These are pretty fun to make, really. I’ve gotten a few emails asking if I will be selling these… I’d have to say I’m not sure. I’m not opposed to the idea, but I want to make sure they are a good product before offering them for sale. I’m going to use my local stitching group as guinea pigs a test market this weekend;it all depends on what they say. I do already have an Etsy shop set up, (had it almost a year and I haven’t used it yet!) so that would probably be my venue for selling.


I just checked my mail and found a package from Sassy’s Fabbys! One of my stitching groups does a monthly block exchange and it has to be stitched on a 6 x 6 Aida square. So I thought I’d order some of the ornament cuts, and I asked Lauren to just surprise me with the colors… they look fantastic (color not the best in the photo-grrr) and she even serged the edges of each square. Nice surprise :)

OK, I seriously need to get packing! I’m headed to a weekend Stitch-In and I haven’t even finished making up my grab bags yet, nevermind packing. At least I don’t have to think much about what to wear… this is a casual time and we all wear sweats or something equally comfy and stay in our jammies as long as possible!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


8 thoughts on “more zipper fobs + some sassy fabric

  1. Thanks for telling me about Sassy’s 6 inch cuts…I just went and bought $30 with of 6 inch 32 ct. neutrals, for fair and square…I even changed the rules to 6 in. squares so that I could get them…plus, I’d thought about doing it anyway because it’s a waste of a lot of linen on 7 x 7 inches…so WHOHOO! They need to send you a gift certificate for touting them! LOL!

  2. Lovely zipper fobs! Their so colourful and cheery! Nice fabric colours too :)

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