my stitch-in stash

To think I was planning to sell some of my “old” charts and only pick up a few “new” ones at the stitch-in, but we do garage sale pricing and seriously who can resist?! Oh, and we also have a FREE table. DH laughs at the whole thing because we are really just trading in our “junk” for someone else’s!





Here’s a picture of the pile on our bed, followed by a few detailed groupings. I don’t want to post pictures of everything because the page here would get waaaay too long, and I’m certainly not listing everything. It’s embarrassing! However I will share with you that I counted my “new” charts and I hauled home 79. SEVENTY NINE CHARTS. Yes folks… that right there is the mother lode :)


13 thoughts on “my stitch-in stash

  1. You really know how to unload your stash, Monique! That’s about the way I de-clutter my stash area too, which is just make room for more LOL. Great new charts – love the Blackbird Designs!

  2. Wow, and I thought Linda M probably had the biggest haul over the weekend. I’m pretty sure you win! :o) I came home with plenty and the free table was awesome this year. So much fun! Next stop on the fun train…Camp Wannabe!

  3. Monique, I should have been checking your stash bag(s) during the weekend! LOL. I love all the goodies you found. And how did I miss that Hinzeit???? HA! It sure was a great time and I was every so happy we were able to sit together. You continue to amaze me with your talents and creativity – such an inspiration to sit next to!

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