great mail and a giveaway


I got the sweetest package in the mail today. Andrea had stitched up a few BOAF designs and held a drawing over at her blog— and I won! Just look how she wrapped it… I had to take a picture first even though I was dying to rip into it. Here’s what what was inside:


Isn’t it awesome? I love how she used rick-rack for a hanger; adds a nice touch. I hung it from the shelf over my computer (er, didn’t think to take a pic of that) so now I’m feeling halloweeny in here. Thanks so much, Andrea!

I’ve got a few charts here to giveaway if anyone’s interested. They are Lizzie Kate’s “Fall Fanatic” and “The Needle’s Eye” by the Prairie Schooler. I’m offering the LK chart to celebrate Halloween and I’m offering the PS chart to celebrate my stitching-related friendships! If you would like one of these, please just tell me which one in the comments. If more than one person wants the same chart, I’ll do a drawing on Friday. I’m happy to mail these to anywhere, so please don’t be shy. Here’s a pic:


As I was sorting the laundry this afternoon, my sweet kitty decided to help me by making herself cozy next to the towel pile. Of course I had to take her picture and then sit down & pet her a bit; got completely sidetracked from the laundry task!



21 thoughts on “great mail and a giveaway

  1. Why doesn’t my cat distract me from laundry? I have to come up with all kinds of other excuses, and they all sound so lame. ;)

    Love your Halloween gift – that is so cute and clever! And if you could please put me in the drawing for the PS Needles Eye chart, I’d be very grateful. :)

  2. You can call be a Fall Fanatic, but here in Texas we don’t get your beautiful Mo. colors. And I do so miss them. Put me in for the L. Kate.

  3. Nice BOAF you received. Very cute finishing on that too. Hey! My cat loves warm towels too. It’s his favorite thing. Your’s looks so cute all tucked up against the towels. Thanks for sharing the pict. Enjoy your jack o’lantern!

  4. Hey Monique,

    I’d love the PS if you want to share. Also I ordered your t-shirt. Maybe I wear it to the next Rainbow.


  5. Congratulations on your win. What a cute Ornament. What a great idea with the rick-rack. What an adorable kitty.

    Would you please put me down for the PS chart The Needle’s Eye?

    I am keeping my fingers crossed. Have a great week ahead.

  6. Thanks for the giveaways. I am interested in PS’s The Needle’s Eye. Please put my name in the draw :)

  7. Hi, thank you for this great giveaway. I love
    The Needle’s Eye by the Prairie Schooler!

  8. that is the cutest halloween ornament! I do like the rick rack too :) ahhhhh sweet kitty .. I’m easily distracted from the laundry too! lol

  9. Just found your blog thru Tanya’s and your giveaways. Hoped you don’t mind if you could put me down for the drawing on the PS.

    Loved your great stash haul and the haloween gift.

  10. HI Monqiue

    pattern arrived thanks very much.. re your remark on the bat.. i see it kinda has somewhat of a resemblance of a person i know…. my mil ;-)


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