the seven facts tag

A few days ago I was tagged by Tanya to tell 7 facts about myself, so here goes:

1. I have never outgrown my love of stickers. I stickorate (decorate with stickers) just about everything.

2. I have 4 tattoos, and you’d never know it… I just don’t have that “look”, you know? In my communications class in college, we each had to tell something about ourselves that could be true or a lie. I chose to tell a tattoo-related story, and the entire class voted that I was lying. When I revealed that it was true, a classmate demanded proof and so I got to show off the one I have on the back of my neck :)

3. I’m completely entranced by the history of “firsts”… like, what prompted the first person who ever ate an egg try one? (um, it did just come out of a bird’s bottom)

4. When I was in middle school, I broke my nose by running into a brick wall. We were racing towards a wall, and when I put my arms out to stop myself, my arms didn’t hold me. (hmm. not sure if I should share this one)

6. I am incredibly skilled at the fine art of procrastination.

7. It took me three years to decide on a color for our living room wall! Finally painted it yesterday; it’s Crisp Linen (DMC 644).

When I was in high school, and we had to write out answers to questions from our textbook onto notebook paper, I’d almost always leave a question from my homework unanswered and just skip right on to the next number, hoping the teacher wouldn’t notice. Mostly, they didn’t. (see above list for example)

And now I get to tag a few other bloggers to post seven facts about themselves: Carla, Carolyn, Mary Ann, Lauren, and Judy… hope you want to play along.

10 thoughts on “the seven facts tag

  1. It took you three years to decide on beige? That’s the one I’m not sure I would share! LOL.
    And I think telling us that you used to leave out an answer, accounts for #5, so you did complete your homework. :)

  2. I love it!!! I love skipping one of the numbers. I love the tattoos! (I have one, want more; no one believes it.)

  3. I see how you are. Tagging me will ya? You make me smile and I am passing on this award to you and if you want to know more see my blog. I promise to list 7 things about me in the next few days okay? Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Monique,

    I’ve answered your quiz on my blog. This is the first time that I’ve done one of these. Mine is not as interesting as yours is I’m afraid. (No secret tattoos) I do love reading these things on other blogger’s sites. You find out the most amazing things (such as who has tattoos)

    What is it about Orange cats and fresh, warm laundry??? Our cat Rupert just loves to climb into the laundry basket after we bring it out of the off limits laundry/furnace room. He hops in and settles down for a snooze on top of whatever is in there. Come to think of it, he loves to get into the laundry hamper too. Ick!!

    You got a lovely gift from Andrea, and just in time for the holiday too. I like the material she stitched it on too. It looks a bit rustic in your photo.


  5. Monique,
    I had so many sticker books as a kid and the puffy stickers were my favorite. They sure decorate an envelope well! Susan Branch’s are my current fav. Loved reading your ‘facts’! Firsts ARE interesting!


  6. I’ve been meaning to tell you…you totally got me with the numbered thing, how funny! You’d get along famously with my son, who always wants to know who invented specific words–like “specific,” maybe!

  7. About that #5 tidbit. . .LOL! I might have you beat on #6! And I see we have something else in common, I broke my nose during a snowball fight! Don’t ask. Monique you are definitely a piece of work! By the way, your cat and mine are probably related! Not to mention he loves clothes, and especially towels, fresh out of the dryer. He’s spoiled too, in the winter I’ll spin a towel just to warm him up!

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