getting ready for camp

Just a few more days and I’ll get my Round Robin back- yay! I haven’t been posting any pictures of the ones I’ve worked on before because I didn’t want to risk any of the other ladies in our RR seeing them. This last one is for a lady who I’m sure won’t be seeing my blog before camp in a few days, so I’m posting it. Of course, the bottom band was the one I just stitched:


We’ll be seeing each other again on Thursday… nothing like waiting until the last minute to get my stitching done! The camp I’m going to was hosted by Leslie’s in Bolivar, MO for years but unfortunately earlier this year they had to move for family health reasons and the shop was closed. The good news is that Holly, the shop manager and camp organizer has found a way to keep the camps alive by partnering with Cecelia’s Samplers in Branson. Since the camp was always held in Branson anyway, Cecelia’s makes a natural fill-in.

Here’s a report from last year’s camp. I was seriously bowled over by the amount of goodies, food, and stitching projects we got for the cost. Plus the rooms were regular hotel rooms, 2 per room. And I’ve even started my shopping already… I asked the ladies at the shop to order me Midsummer Night’s Peaceful Paradise! I’m like a little kid, really… I can’t wait! Is it time to go yet? How much longer? Can we leave yet?


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  1. Goodness! YOu’ve been BUSY! SUch a lot of lovely, lovley photos and projects to see since I was last online. I love seeing it all and catching up with your news.

    And seeing your ‘too cute’ kitty has made me all gooey inside. Such a pretty cat.

    I miss our dear ‘Puss Puss’ everyday and she looked like the twin of yours.

  2. I know I just got back from one .. but I’m sooo jealous you get to attend another camp! They are the most fun, aren’t they :) enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

  3. The band sampler is gorgeous and what an awesome saying. The camp sounds so fun. I am going to have to attend one. Peaceful Paradise looks really neat to stitch. Have fun and take lots of pictures to share. Your so lucky!

  4. The Band Sampler is so pretty. Great colors. Have fun at the retreat. And we expect a report!

  5. Monique,

    Have a great time…will want reports. I would love to go to that is closer. I got my new My Mark t-shirt the other it!


  6. Wow! such unique RR. I’ve never done a sampler or band RR before. Must try one sometime.
    Have fun at the camp Monique.

  7. Hi Monique,

    Hope you’ve had a great time at your
    stitching get-away. I read the report
    you posted from last year, and all I
    can say (whine) is….I wanna go too!

    I like the idea of Pergo flooring in
    the living room area. We have really
    old, really ugly wall to wall carpeting
    and we need to replace it. I’ve been
    contemplating the Pergo flooring as well.
    It’s durable and cleans up well. Because,
    like you, we have cats, and well, cats
    will be cats…you know what I mean.
    It’s a lifestyle choice, I guess.

    That RR band sampler that you’ve finished
    off is beautiful, and I love the colour of
    the verigated thread that was used. I’m sure that the owner will be thrilled with it. And I can’t wait to see a picture of yours.

    I’m with you on the Haunted House thing.
    I don’t like being scared, and I tend to take these things way too seriously. But I love the dress up part of it…and of course the candy.


  8. Hi Monique!

    Also “I’m like a little” in many things. I think it’s a way to make life more beautiful.
    The sampler is very nice.
    María del Valle

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