I’ve always been scared to death of haunted houses… not because they are scary, though. What gets me is the fact that *anyone* could be in there, really killing the poor sots who think “that scary guy” won’t be able to hurt them because he works there. An active imagination isn’t always a good thing.

Off to pack now; full report when I return. May you all have a Happy Halloween :)


7 thoughts on “boo!

  1. I hadn’t thought of it that way! I’ve personally always had a fear of people in masks. Even today it unsettles me. I guess you don’t know who’s behind the mask!

  2. When my sister lived with us, I’d stay up every night until she came in. I watch too many of those cold case/forensic science shows. She loved that…Sometimes real life is scarier than fiction.

  3. Thank for leaving a message on my blog and have a good time at your retreat. Relax

  4. Dear Monique,
    I’m sorry I have just not been keeping up with blogs…commmenting, I mean. I’m going to do better. It was good to see all you’ve been up to! I’ve missed “talking’ with you. Hope your camp, et al goes well. I’ve posted a new pic of my granddaughter who will be the proud owner someday of your precious little “girls” squares! Love and hugs,

  5. HI Monique

    pattern arrived thanks very much.. re your remark on the bat.. i see it kinda has somewhat of a resemblance of a person i know…. my mil ;-)


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