the Branson report, part 1

Since I still haven’t had time to unpack my things from the Branson stitching camp weekend, I only have a few pictures of “during” camp. I have to unload my New Mexico trip pics before I can take pics of my camp finishes and goodies, so that stuff will be “part 2”. Here’s a picture of the conference center, which we used as our main stitching room/gathering place:


The conference center was right across a driveway from our hotel rooms. We’d get up each morning and dash over there to see what surprises we had each day, then go eat breakfast. Here’s a pic of the project table. We received 16 kits during the weekend, so they aren’t quite all pictured here:


Here’s one of my favorite kits from the weekend. It’s a Jeanette Douglas design, and we got it on Sunday just before leaving so I didn’t get a chance to stitch on it:


From my notes, what we received:

  • 16 kitted projects
  • goodie bag with current magazine, 6 skeins of thread (including a Gloriana Lorikeet, which I have been wanting to try!), calendar, floss organizer, candy for snacking, etc.
  • a cool purple organizer bag filled with a LHN kit, an Autumn Alphabet kit, sticky notes, a pen, and some smelly (pretty) soap
  • a hand-stitched, personalized pincushion and needlecase
  • a few decorative items… ceramic pumpkin, candles w/holder, appliqued dishtowels, cookie cutter, etc.
  • a fleece folder, a pocket tote, and another tote bag! Our kits/goodies for each day were packed inside something
  • a hand stitched scissors fob, which I put on my NEW DOVO SCISSORS that I won along with a whole container of goodies (more on that prize in part 2)
  • various non-stitchy items such as a planner, a highlighter set, a fridge magnet

The camp had changed a bit from last year… due to the unfortunate closing of Leslie’s, I’m sure. There were a few things I didn’t like as well as before, such as the food arrangements. Last year, everything was catered in to us and we didn’t have to leave the stitching room at all (there were separate tables set up for dining). This year, we received gift cards to various restaurants like Fuddruckers, Olive Garden, Applebees, Panera Bread, and Ruby Tuesday. The majority of campers liked the new option for meals so I suspect it will continue, but for me it is a luxury not to have to go anywhere for a whole weekend. It will be interesting to see what next November is like since it will be entirely sponsored by Cecilia’s… I notice the price is going up a bit, too. Still, it was a wonderful weekend, and one I’d recommend. Information on the Branson weekends can be found on the Cecilia’s Samplers website. They have always filled up fast, but I noticed that they are upping the limit to 60 next year. And of course, I already put my name on the list for next November :)


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  1. Wow. . .all those awesome goodies. I love the cozy cabin too. Very nice. Sounds like an incredible time had by all. Hmmm, wonder if I could manage that retreat next year. Must check out the details. Good to see you back.

  2. Sounds like it was an awesome workshop and woweee, those goodies were plentiful!

    Glad to ‘see’ you back though!

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