the Oklahoma Aquarium

On our way back from New Mexico, we stopped an extra day in Jenks, OK (a suburb of Tulsa) to visit the Oklahoma Aquarium. My daughter and I are both fascinated with fish and water creatures, so we had a wonderful time! We watched this starfish suckering its way around the glass:


And saw this playful clownfish darting around his anemone:


And stopped to “chat” with this guy, who kept peeking at us then ducking behind his plant… like a fishy peek-a-boo:


My favorite part was petting the stingrays and tiger sharks. The sharks were rough, but the stingrays were soft and smooth (although a slimy sort of smooth) and their fins (flippers? arms?) were so strong! A truly lovely experience.

10 thoughts on “the Oklahoma Aquarium

  1. Love the pictures Monique! They put a smile on my face! Sounds like a must visit place to me. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Loved the pictures. It looks like there was a lot of fun stuff to see, including Nemo. :)

    I’m glad you had a good time at your getaway too, the projects look like they would have been a lot of fun.

  3. Your pictures look great, It feels like I’m standing right in front of the aquarium.

  4. What wonderful pictures!! I feel as though I were there!

    It’s nice to read that there are still aquariums that allow contact. Here, they’ve pretty much all banned it due to the risk to the water creatures (of illness, I guess). It’s so much a richer experience, especially for kids, when they can touch.

  5. I stumbled on your blog today just to see the pics of Albuquerque. My son just moved there and we visited Old Town. Loved the shops. Is the first photo of the shop with little CAT things in it?? My husband hates cats and naturally had a ball looking at the items there. Thanks for sharing. Adele

  6. What magnificent photos! I have a few photos from the Long Beach Aquarium in my April 2007 posts. These photos are really awesome though!

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