the rr, the big win, + the finishes


After almost year away, my RR has made it back home to me. The picture looks a little dim, but I assure you that’s white banding and colorful silks! What a fun experience this round robin was… If you want to see what it looked like 11 months ago, look here.


Here are three of my camp finishes. Well, aside from adding the buttons… the pumpkins get a crow and the santa gets a present and a jingle bell. The heart is actually all done. These are Sekas designs, done on 10ct. Tula with Perle floss; using specialty stitches instead of just x’s. I had never done this type of thing before, and I’m hooked! These were fun, interesting, easy, and small enough to do quickly (all 4 components to the perfect needlework project). The snowman up there is a block I received in my monthly exchange for October. Isn’t he cute?


And here’s a picture of the fob I got at camp (everyone got a handstitched fob!!) attached to the Dovo scissors I won. The stork pair I bought because they were kinda wild and looked fun. Well, and they were cheap.

Have a lovely weekend!


18 thoughts on “the rr, the big win, + the finishes

  1. Your RR turned out wonderful, I love all the different designs in the various bands. Your other finishes lovely too. I’ve done several Seka’s designs in the past and really enjoyed them for just the reasons you mentiond. Also, the larger count is really nice to work on later at night when your eyes are tired after a busy day.

  2. The RR turned out beautiful. I remember when you started that one! Your retreat finishes are wonderful! Love the pumpkins the best, but of course! LOL Sekas Heart is very pretty! You really got some neat stuff. Great scissors.

  3. Gorgeous RR, fun Sekas stitchin’s and FAB scissors!! I missed that camp so bad! I have to be sure not to miss next year!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time at camp! Your stitching looks great! I have started the Seka Santa and love stitching on it. Such fun! I want to get some more of their patterns to work on. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Your round robin is so pretty! It’s always an exciting moment when you open up the parcel containing your finished robin isn’t it.

    Love the ornies. That snowman you received in the exchange is a cutie. Do you know which chart he’s from as I’d love to stitch him on a card for my mom.

  6. Hello Monique, I loved reading about your travels and stitching. I have to ask about the Branson stitching weekend. What conference center was it held in? What hotel did you stay at? It looks like fun and I’m thinking of going next year.

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