shopping (early!) + clay

Ok, who else went out early on Black Friday? I was in line for JC Penney’s to open at 4 in the morning, in line for the Sears opening at 5am, then in line for Joann’s to open at 6am. I figured out that if you are there when they open and know what you are after and where to find it in the store, you can be in and out with just a tiny bit of fuss. By 7am, I was at the Dillard’s opening and then just bumbled about the mall for a bit, avoiding the stores with the largest crowds. And of course, I had a nap in the afternoon :)

After dinner, my daughter and I played with polymer clay. It was my first time even touching the stuff and I think it’s kind of neat… I see possibilities for future experimentation here! She made a Christmas ornament and a heart-square and I made a little juggling snowman:


10 thoughts on “shopping (early!) + clay

  1. OMG – you were out shopping at 4AM? Really? They must have very good sales to get anybody out of bed at that time lol.

    I love your little ornaments. So cute. I’ve never used polymer clay either.

  2. Oh my goodness, so YOU are one of those crazy people!!! lol Kudos to you, my dear – I will shop through you in spirit!


  3. I’d never have guessed it of you! LOL!!

    Your polymer clay ornaments are great. I’ve thought of getting Max some, since he’s very interested in making ornaments and decorations…

  4. Wow 4am!!! I was still asleep then! Lol! Well actually at your 4am I would be up!

    Those ornaments look brilliant!

  5. Oh my goodness, 4 in the morning?!! I have a friend who does that every year on boxing day but i just cant get up that early. Hope you got lots of bargains!
    Cute ornaments

  6. Love your juggling snowman! But I cannot think of one thing to buy that would get me out of bed before 4:00.

  7. Dear Monique
    A nice way to celebrate
    The same thing happens to me because I learn from other blogs, especially in English. Also I have new friends like you.
    A kiss

  8. oh my .. you are quite the shopper! I didn’t do the early morning shopping, hope you got some great deals!

    I love the ornaments and your snowman :)

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