a finish, a surprise, a challenge, and a penpal

I really DO finish things once in a while… here’s a picture to prove it:

This is an ornament I designed for my St. Louis Stitcher’s exchange. I wanted to do it on perforated paper because of the style of frame it’s going in. I’ll have to show you that in another post; it’s still on my table recovering from the paint & glitter bath I gave it earlier today.

Look what I got in today’s mail:


What a sweet surprise, and I haven’t a clue who sent it! I’ve seen a few other blog posts about these, and no one seems to know who our mystery mailer is… the only clue is the stamp from Belgium. (which, btw, my daughter immediately confiscated for her collection) Thank you, whoever you are!

Sharon B. has posted her challenge theme for 2008, “Take It Further”. This sounds like a good one; I intend to join in. Let’s see if I really follow through on that intention.

My daughter is in the market for a penpal so if any of you have girls who might be interested, please let me know. (about age 9-10) It’s marvelous writing practice, too… although she doesn’t want me to mention that part!


12 thoughts on “a finish, a surprise, a challenge, and a penpal

  1. What a beautiful ornament you have stitched. What a lovely thought from someone in Belgium. The challange sounds like fun. I won’t be able to participate since I am on a mission to complete all my projects I need to get finished. Have a great day!

  2. Katie got a skein of floss too! Hmmm…
    And speaking of Katie, if your daughter is not wanting an overseas penpal (I know those are much more dramatic then plain ol’ Americans) I bet Katie would like to do it. She’ll be 10 on Dec. 11. Let us know :)

    BTW…love your ornie :)

  3. The Secret Santa strikes again! Whoever s/he is, has great taste in floss! :D Your finish is so cute!

    Penpals for your daughter? Would she be interested in a Dutch boy who turns 10 in April? Picture to be found at my blog … ;)

  4. Fun to get fiber in the mail, isn’t it?? I’ve no idea who sent it — but, am enjoying it just the same. It is on my desk & makes me smile.

    Re. your comment on SALing, sometimes SALing doesn’t work out. I’ve dropped out of some, too. I do know that when others are stitching with me, I tend to get more stitching accomplished. The bonus is that I already have the ‘ingredients’ for each project.

    Because I’m such a fossil, I figure I need to clean up the stuff I have on hand : )

  5. I’ve never cross-stitched before, but I still have a cross-stitched ornament my best friend in high-school made for me. I like to hang it on my Christmas tree each year enjoying the beauty of old and new ornaments together!

    If you feel led, I’d love for you to join us at http://www.gracealley.com, a site for Christians and share more of your work there. You can promote your work and site and help others discover this art.

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