one. more. day.

Here’s a (blurry) pic of the finished ornament… I hope my exchange partner likes it. I always stress about making things for other people, outside of my family. With family, I know they’ll either love it because it’s from me or they’ll pretend to love it anyway!

Went to the well-decorated doctor’s office again today. I had my camera with me this time but I was too embarrassed to whip it out and snap. Perhaps after the third visit, when we are more familiar with each other (?) Anyway, I needed a follow up visit and my daughter needed flight clearance. She’s had a cold, and she’ll be flying tomorrow… wanted to make sure her sinuses weren’t going to swell up and pop with the altitude. Got a script for decongestant; it’s nothing bacterial or catching so she will be off on her vacation to Disney World in the morning!

While she gets a vacation away, I get a vacation at home. Sort of. I’ll be at my parent’s house, feeding the cats while they are all enjoying the Christmas decorations at WDW. And swimming in a 3-acre pool. And playing in the snow on Main Street. And waving to Cinderella during the parade. And eating gingerbread shingles from Mickey’s house. And so on.

At first glance, this sounds unfair, but I actually really enjoy the time they are gone! My benefits include a jacuzzi, a fully stocked fridge, and the freedom to watch movies that do not feature talking animals. When the mouse is away, the cat will play :)

13 thoughts on “one. more. day.

  1. Your finish is beautiful! The frame looks great – i love the glitter.
    Enjoy your time at your parents home :)

  2. The exchange ornament is GREAT!! Don’t worry!

    Movies without talking animals? What are those? Do they still make them? LOL! Seriously, glad your daughter is fine for the flight and I hope everyone has a great time!

  3. Love the ornament and the great frame with bells. Very nice touch. Ok, you had me going with WDW and Christmas Decorations. Why would Weeks Dye Works have Christmas Decorations for people to visit?!! ROFL Took a few minutes to realize where your daughter is really going! Gosh I need a life! LOL Enjoy your quiet time Monique! Find some cool movies.

  4. Very cute finish, and it sounds like you’ll have a lot of fun while there away, enjoy yourself.

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