blogiversary winner, etc.

Since I didn’t have anyone to draw a name for me (except the cats, who just weren’t interested in helping out this morning) I used a random generator and got this result:


Which means that the winner is Teresa:


So far, I’ve not done much on my vacation. I made a dent in my parent’s Christmas gift, but mostly I’ve been resting. Boring, eh? I’ll try to post something juicy on Monday :)

Have a happy weekend!


6 thoughts on “blogiversary winner, etc.

  1. That Carriage House chart is lovely – I hadn’t seen it before. Looking forward to seeing your finished piece. What a lovely gift it will be!


  2. Hi Monique,

    Glad to hear that you’re taking the well earned opportunity to relax and enjoy a break from your busy life. That’s what vacations are (theoretically) for.

    I love the little framed stitching piece that you did on perforated paper. I just finished stitching two ornaments on perforated paper too, but mine are gifts that I can’t post pictures for yet. Where did you pick up the cute little frame??

    You’ve been quite the busy traveler lately.
    Your pictures of Albuquerque are a reminder that snow and cold haven’t taken over the world completely, yet. I love the colours of old town.

    I’ve been looking at your RR and admiring the colours and the many different stitching styles on it. It’s such a pretty piece, and the colours of the silks used on it are gorgeous. Your camp stitched designs are cute too, and I especially love that rolly polly Santa.

    Have a great weekend Monique!

  3. Monique, I just had a very nice visit to your lovely blog. Your parents are going to love the sampler you’re stitching for them! It’s a beautiful design, and they’ll treasure your work of love.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to stop by yours now & then. Sometimes I get behind in EVERYthing!

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