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First (and most importantly) my mother is doing quite well! She had to have surgery and get this: the hospital she was taken to specialized in that type of surgery in general, and the TOP guy in the country for her particular problem was based there! She couldn’t have gotten better care anywhere else. She didn’t even miss her *entire* vacation… the last three days she was able to hop on her wheelchair and zoom around the parks with us.

We stayed at the Beach Club Resort, which is just lovely, and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. From leaving surprise treats in our room to giving me park tickets so I could take my daughter around while Grandma was in the hospital, they were really the best. If you ever have to have a medical emergency, this is the place to do it.

As an added bonus, I met up with my friend Jodi (of Designs by Jodi Evans fame) for some poolside stitching while my daughter played in the pool. I was so fortunate to have a good friend nearby to provide me with a shoulder to cry on! The picture below the one of Jodi is of just a portion of the pool… it’s a huge 3-acre pool with a lazy river, water slides, sandy pools, etc.



One of the things my daughter likes best about The Beach Club is the Shipwreck pool. The ship itself sticks out over the lake and houses a mini-waterslide for the younger kids and a normal-sized swimming pool. The seagulls swoop around there, too!


I’m an early riser, so in the mornings I’d get up and go downstairs for my coffee and sit out on the porch. I love quiet time in the mornings, when the birds are chirping around and the sun is just getting its foot in the door for the day… it’s a peaceful, all is right with the world feeling. I didn’t take a picture from the porch rocking chair area but here’s the view from our balcony, which is the same courtyard that I enjoyed down below:


Coming home was a bit of a shock… in the afternoon I was sweating in the beautiful tropical atmosphere of the Animal Kingdom, and at 10pm I was trying not to slip on the ice as I waited outside the St. Louis airport. Since we’ve been home, I’ve been trying to catch up on the things that I had planned to do while they were away. I made out most of my Christmas cards and mailed them, put up our tree, etc. Never mind the usual laundry, dishes, sorting mail, and other routine junk that always makes me want to take a vacation after my vacation. I’m afraid to look at my Google Reader… I’m guessing I have about a bazillion posts to catch up on. But I’m glad to be home, and very glad that all is well again in my little world.

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  1. It’s great to hear that your mom got absolute top-quality care and could even enjoy a bit of vacation after!

    That pool looks amazing – I’m sure our kids would be in it from sunup to sundown!

    Welcome home – and stay warm!!

  2. so glad to hear your mom is doing well :) what a positive experience you had with the hospital and the beach club!

  3. So happy to hear your Mom is doing better! And what an awesome place to stay! Love the shipwreck pool too! Glad you’re back!

  4. Nice pad!!! Geesh – that pool IS amazing. Looks like bliss to me – can I go next time? lol

    Glad your mom is doing well.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Thats good news about your mum! What a relief.
    Those pictures are gorgeous, such a contrast to the weather we are having here

  6. I’m so glad to hear that your mom is doing well! I’ll keep her recovery in my thoughts and prayers.

    Wow, a 3 acre pool???? It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  7. Hi Monique,

    I was just catching up on reading your latest blog posts and am so glad to hear that your Mom is recovering well from her heart attack, and received such excellent care while in hospital. But what a nasty scare for you and your family.

    At least you were able to get some enjoyment out of your stay in Florida. The hotel that you stayed at look lovely. Especially the pool area.

    I can well imagine the shock of returning to winter again. Are you getting the snow that we’re expecting up here on Saturday and Sunday?? Winter arriving with a vengeance!!

    Have a great weekend. Cheers

  8. HI MOnique
    glad your mome is doing fine and glad you got a few days to enjoy yourselves! shipwreck pool is sooo cool! thanks for coming over to my blog and glad you got my snail mail!

  9. I am so happy for you that everything went so well with your mom. I would love to be at Disney World. What a great resort they have. I just love it!! I have gone to their website and dreamed of planning a vacation. Thanks so much for the pictuers. :)

  10. Dear Friend Monique

    I wish you happy Christmas for you and your family, especially desire and I ask God for your mom this better every day
    A hug

  11. I am so glad that your mom is doing well and your vacation looks like it was wonderful! I too am suffering from a bazillion blog feeds to read. Ack!

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