gifted, finished, and snowed upon


I was in an ornament exchange with my local stitching group, and Meri had my name… look what she made me! This is one of her original scissors designs, and it’s all stitched over one. The words say “snuggled and wrapped in a warm Christmas quilt”. And I got the sweetest surprise from my friend in Malta, which I admit I had to look up on the atlas when I first met her– it’s an island just south of Italy. Pauline stitched up this mitten ornament for me and tucked it into her Christmas card. Nice!


I finished the Christmas gift for my parents, changing the border completely. It’s a different look than the original design, but suits my mom’s style better, I think. (btw, the design is “I Honor My Parents” by Barrick Samplers) Now I’m just waiting for the frame, which I hope will get here in time.

Also pictured above is my new scissors fob. Well, it’s supposed to be a cell phone charm but I liked it for a fob since it had the little frogs on it. I got this in Japan (in Epcot) which features one of my favorite places to shop: Mitsukoshi. This Japanese department store carries a huge selection of cell phone charms along with all varieties of origami papers, toys, candy and foods, dishes, clothing, and so on… basically everything our American department stores carry only it’s all from Japan! Anyway, this charm was so cute with a mommy frog and baby on her back (on a spinner) that I had to get it to use as a scissors fob. I also bought one to use for a camera strap and a new one for my cell phone.


Here’s the view from our front porch this morning. So far not too bad, but more is expected. I’m almost tempted to shovel the snow now so it won’t be so thick later. Almost.

PS. Anyone sell Avon or know someone who does? I’m in the market for an eRep.


10 thoughts on “gifted, finished, and snowed upon

  1. ahh.. the snow looks awesome! its doesnt snow here but its freezing cold here this evening, ornie needs a back!! i’m not a great finisher, so i leave that part in your capable hands, have a good weekeend, hugs.P

  2. What wonderful stitching! I love Meri’s little designs & have made a few for gifts. :) The snow … oh, that looks so lovely!!!

  3. What a beautiful ornament! And I love the piece you have stitched for your parents.

    Lucky you with that snow! I wish we had some. I’m hoping for a white Christmas:)

  4. Stitching is beautiful, Monique!!!

    Ah, snow – wish we had some but just rain :( Enjoy yours – that view is beautiful and full of bliss.


  5. The ornaments are beautiful. What a sweet gift for your parents. I really like the bright colors. Thanks for the picture of snow. I hope we get some snow in Virginia this winter.

    Take care

  6. So glad to hear your mom did fine, and how great that she even felt well enough to go out and about with you. The beach club pictures looked wonderful, what a contrast to the weather I’m having here. I’ll be it was hard to go home from that to the snow and cold.

    What lovely exchanges you received, and your sampler is looking beautiful too, your parents will love it.

  7. OMG!!! I am so going to Mitsukoshi to get some fobs!!! That is adorable!

    Man, were you really here just last week? I miss you terribly already. :-(

    And, yes, I have a friend who is an AVON rep. I’ll send you a link.

    Love and kisses!

  8. Oh, the ornament by Meri is just gorgeous. Love the mitten ornament too. Your parets will love what you have stitched-it’s beautiful.

  9. Lovely gifts!!!
    The frog fobs is so cute and the sampler you made for your parents is beautiful…they’ll love it!

  10. What beautiful stitching – I love the piece for your parents. Your little frog fob is so cute! My mother in law sells Avon. Let me know if you need her info.

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