2008 decisions

Goodness…the last few days have flown by! I’ve been stitching, beading, sewing, and painting; also catching up on a few household chores and pondering moving to a little cottage in Vermont.

I’ve made a few decisions about 2008. I won’t call them resolutions, or even goals, as I don’t want to think of them as things I’ll try to do but rather as things I will do. What I’ve decided:

  • I will answer at least one call for entries every month.
  • I will submit a cross stitch design for publication at least once per quarter.
  • I will participate in at least two blog-based challenges each month.

A roundup of links to blogs with challenges that sound interesting to me:

Think Monday- Think ATC
Mixed Media Monday
Gothic Arches
4 x 4 Friday
Inching Artists
Theme Thursday
Skinny Saturday
Arty Girlz
GPP Street Team
Step Outside Your Box

I have signed up for Sharon B’s Take it Further challenge, which will require developing a theme into a finished design on a monthly basis. There are almost 300 of us participating and I’m really looking forward to this!

I have joined a new stitch along for 2008, the Bride’s Tree SAL, which is open for more members… there’s still time if you’d care to join this one.

And I’ve signed up for round 5 in the ever popular Fair & Square exchange. Signups are still being taken if you’d like to play, too!

OK, this looks like a lot now that I’ve typed it out. Hmm.


7 thoughts on “2008 decisions

  1. I’m hoping to make myself so busy doing household, stitching, etc that I forget to eat…thus fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions from 1990 on….do you think it will work?

  2. Just wanted to drop by and with you the very best for the remainder of the festive season – hope 2008 is a wondrous year filled with peace, love and happiness … and lots of stitchy goodness! :)

  3. Your pictures here are really great! The kitty is so cute watching the frogs in the glass!! Thank you for the nice comment in my blog!! I hope to see you again soon! Debby

  4. great someone got their decisions worked out! just a short note to let you know that its been a pleasure meeting you ‘virtually’ this year and all the best to you and yours for the New Year

  5. Swim!!! Yikes!! Are you sure they’re supposed to swim and not be crawling around the rocks and dippin’ in the watery mud puddles??? Now I’m worried about the little pale froggies…. :o

  6. My special love is named Katie as well, what a small world. The cat reminds me of our first one after we were married, named Casey D. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, may 2008 be the best of your life so far in every way!

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