2008? ready.


OK, the calendars have all been hung, flipped, or reset, and we are ready for 2008. For a woman living a watch-free lifestyle (and supposedly unconcerned about time) I sure own a lot of calendars! They are in every room except for the bathrooms.

I’ve got my stitching project all lined up for the “first stitches”… do you all do that? Start something special on New Year’s Day? I like to start a biggish project every Jan. 1 and tomorrow I will be starting “My Stitching Treasures” by Jeanette Douglas.

Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “2008? ready.

  1. Printing out my calendars right now as I type…I use Google Calendars and put all my appt’s etc on them and at the first of the month I print them out and “post” them for the family.
    We’re ready to go too and this a.m. I start my Dear Diary Sampler! Can’t wait to see your start too!

  2. I’ll start a new project today too…can’t wait to see a progress pic of My Stitching Treasure!
    Happy New Year!!

  3. Happy new to you as well.. a wonderful 2008 of happiness and good health and great designs.
    Jeannet D project sounds like a great one to stitch.

  4. That’s really pretty Monique!
    We have a lot of calendars too, I always see so many that I like. But then I have a lot of clocks all over too ;)

  5. Pretty calendar, and yes, I have to many of them too it seems. I don’t always start a new one on New Year’s Day, but I at least try to plan out what I want my new start to be for the coming year, which hopefully gets started sometime in Jan.

  6. Nice calendar. I LOVE calendars and filling them out at the beginning of the year. I have several wall calendars and my PDA also. Filling out calendars makes me feel organized (of which I’m not) :)

  7. No, I don’t usually start something new on New Year’s, but today I did start a small project that will be done in like 2 day. However, it was just a coincidence. :)

  8. I’ve been starting a new project on New Year’s day for a few years now. Actually myself and a couple of other stitching buddies sit down and we pick a project we’d all like to do and we start the same piece! This year’s selection was Dragon Dreams Moonlight Guarian.

    New Year’s starts are very liberating!

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