first stitches + a 4 x 4


Here are my first stitches of 2008. I made a teeny start on My Stitching Treasures by Jeanette Douglas. The chart called for using just one strand of silk, but I’m doing my own thing (as usual) and using two strands. I like my stitches fat. Here’s a picture of the completed design, if you can’t stand to wait until *whenever* I get around to finishing mine.


And, in keeping with my 2008 goal of participating in more artsy challenges, I created this 4 x 4. The challenge listed on the 4X4 Friday blog was to use punchinella, which is the waste left over when sequins are made. I have TONS of this stuff, in a variety of shapes and colors… never knew exactly what to do with it, so this exercise was helpful to me. I experimented with gluing it down (got glue ALL over my hands), mod-podging (found out that the shiny part turns cloudy so you need to buff it when dry), painting over it (too messy, no patience for it), and finally using a stamp pad over it, which is what you see here. A lot of punchinella wound up in the trash bin today, but I think I learned how to work with it– which is really the point of these challenges.

A “4 x 4” is a 4 inch square piece of artwork… can be any medium; the whole point is the size. They are most typically used for collage work, though. I enjoy the size because it seems to be enough room for me to experiment, yet not so big that I feel married to it. Plus I love, love squares! There’s just something about their perfectness that appeals to me, especially when there’s lots of swirly stuff going on inside the square. I’m sure that has a deeper personal meaning… psychotherapist, please?

Today’s simple pleasure: creative time


16 thoughts on “first stitches + a 4 x 4

  1. Not sure I understand yout ‘thing’ for squares, but that is one artsy piece indeed!! It looks wonderful!! My Stitching Treasures is going to be fabulous (I couldn’t stand it, so I peeked…LOL!)
    Happy New year to you and your family, Monique!!

  2. I always had lots of sequin waste in my craft cupboard when I was a children’s librarian. Now I know what I could have been doing with it!! The kids used to cut it up and decorate their projects with it – lot’s of bling in the library!

    Great start on my stitching treasures!

  3. Happy New Year Monique :) love your new stitching start! and I really enjoy watching and learning about your new artsy stuff :)

  4. Bravo, Monique!!! I love the 4×4 and her “blurb!” LOL Just fantastic! Great start to your new creative arts year. And, I had to peek, too, at your My Stitching Treasures…which is going to be so beautiful. Don’t you think 2008 is starting out with a special sparkle!!??

  5. Congrats on starting My Stitching Treasrues! I’ve got that in my stash (see what I mean by embarassing size?) and really should get to it someday soon since I bought it fully kitted up!

    Its truly an awesome design to see in person!

  6. I’ve had Stitching Treasures forever…since I bought it directly from JD ~ what a wonderful lady! I’ll keep peeking in at your progress and hopefully it will give me the encouragement to start mine.

  7. Lovely start to your oh-eight project. Very kewl creative square. I’ve been collecting ‘stuff’ to make some comfort dolls & the challenge for me is the faces. My sketches are not as artsy as I’d like them to be. Seems they just look … well, not professional. Yeah, you know. There is a difference in a good face, or an amateur one. Perhaps in the next few days, with some experiments, I”ll come up with something worthwhile.

    I really didn’t have much free time [since 12/15] and find the quiet this afternoon to be a breath of fresh air.

    Alex & Nick & DH working — DD back to college, the dogs napping. It is just nice to have some alone time today.

  8. hi dear
    the 4 x 4 is fantastic!! love the old hag.. um… sure looks like my mil , only the ears r a bit different ;-) if you have any of the pulcinella stuff extra i would be pleased to have some.. i would re-imburse the shipping to you. hugs.P

  9. Your 4×4 is very artsy Monique! I can picture the glue all over, sounds so me! LOL Now I see why you enjoy the block swap so much! Maybe I need to do a collage themed block! Hmmmm.

  10. I love your 4×4 – maybe you will inspire me to try my hand at one of my own. I love squares too (and even numbers), so I can understand the fascination. Is your 4×4 on paper or on something else?

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