on the stash wagon?


I have seen blog after blog noting the resolution to not buy any more XS stash for a set period of time. As your blogging friend, I fully support you in your resolutions… but the designer in me (you know, the part that can afford ham instead of hamburger when you buy my charts) hopes you cave. I don’t see how anyone could keep this resolution anyway… I know I couldn’t.

I love buying stash! I enjoy new charts– the shiny bag, the smell of the paper, their very newness. And what about floss? Man, nothing beats a good floss feel, especially if it’s silk. And what holds more promise than a brand new hand-dyed linen FQ? The possibilities of what it could become are almost endless!

Seriously, in most cases a new chart is cheaper than going to see a movie… and provides so many more hours of entertainment. And besides, they are much smaller and easier to store than say, a cookie jar collection. Giving up new xs charts should be something you do for Lent, not New Year’s… resolutions are supposed to help improve your circumstances or enhance your enjoyment of life, not deprive you of a simple pleasure.

Speaking of simple pleasures… one of mine is seeing pictures of My Mark finishes, especially those cleverly done. Sharon recently finished “be silly” by making a cube and Nita finished “simply rejoice” into a snazzy pillow:


Today’s joy: watching my daughter get SO excited about finding three Trixie Belden books at the library, I thought she would pop. 


21 thoughts on “on the stash wagon?

  1. NEW Trixie Beldens? NO WAY!!! I loved those books when I was younger. Did they stay true to the original stories, or have they modernized them?

  2. I loved Trixie Beldon when I was growing up! I’m so glad your daughter found them! Thanks for visiting me, I am enjoying looking at all your stash and your froggies! I am going to put you on my blogroll so I can come back often. Nice to meet you!

  3. This design is really inspiring. I love reading your blog and have you in my rss feeds. I understand your point of view about folks not buying your charts, I’m sure there will be a lot of people that continue to buy charts, and your designs I’m sure will be on their must have lists. For me though, I really went crazy in buying so much more than I can stitch this last year and I am one of those who is a penny pincher and don’t like waste. I constantly remind my husband of how he wastes money (but I am trying to resolve not to do this anymore) and then when I waste, I feel like kicking myself. I want to try to only buy those charts that I will actually stitch and by putting myself on a ‘leash’, I will limit my choices. I plan on getting more stash on my b-day and x-mas of 2008 (Nov. and Dec.)for 2009 because by then I will have stitched most of the charts that I love that are in my stash. I will keep an eye on which of your charts I am going to want when the time comes. Good Luck in your designing ventures, I believe you will be very successful.

  4. What are you doing to me, Monique? New charts, shiny bags, floss fondling? Are you just trying to push me of the wagon????…LOL!! Please don’t make me cave on the 3rd day… ;o)
    Nita’s Rejoice looks fabulous!

  5. The only “wagon” I’m on is weightloss and if you shoved me off that…it might cause a small earth tremor ;o)

    So I’m hanging on!!! And still using my credit card arm with much authority! LOL!

  6. Well said!

    This is my first time at your blog and I have to say its always interesting seeing the designer’s side of the industry.

    You know some of us our stashes are getting a little *embarassing* in size!

  7. I am with Cheryl, there is no wagon at my house. Been there, done that, didn’t work! LOL Thanks for the compliment on my cube. I absolutely love Nita’s rejoice pillow-its so vibrant and lovely!

  8. Great pillow and I so enjoyed your post today :) Good points – ham instead of hamburger, you crack me up, girlie.

    Hope your day is a good one!

  9. I’m thinking that there are times when we need to stash dive & work on those treasures we have acquired … then, guilt free, we buy more stash!!!! LOL.

  10. I love the new finish! When you get a moment, can you send me your address – you were one of the winners of my blog candy draw! Email is caycay at shaw dot ca.

  11. I was ‘carousing’ (not really) around my blog and saw a comment you left and came on over here. Love your wagon photo (good pun) and the design Sharon stitched. It’s a make you feel good design.
    Happy New Year!!!

  12. I love Nita’s Rejoice pillow. It’s so bright and cheerful.

    Well I’m one of those who isn’t going to buy any charts for a while this year I’m afraid! Lol! I did it for 5 months last year then went a bit mad buying so I need to behave for a while!

  13. ALWAYS enjoy reading your blog! Yes I have a goal of less stash this year, as I am 63 and my stash will outlast me. But who can resist for long? May 2008 be bursting at the seams with much inspiration and new designs and may they come as easily as the morning sun! Have a wonderful year filled with all you want to accomplish.

  14. I was one who had a resolution not to buy stash…I caved on Jan 2! I’m sure I’m not alone. I found your blog via TIF challenge -looking forward to following your progess.

  15. I totally agree Monique! Hard not to stash. But I find I choose my stash differently these days. Fabric and thread fondling is a must! LOL Love the finish on Rejoice! The fabric is perfect for that design! Love your happy people!

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