a bad moose + a bit of brainstorming


I started my morning with a little design work at the kitchen table. Usually, I do this sort of thing in my studio, but I was attracted to the sun coming in through the window. The design is of a blue moose (I’ll explain later) but unfortunately after I stitched the head, it looked more like a reindeer… I’ll be frogging that tonight!

I need to start thinking about the TIF challenge… this month’s concept is “admiration”. Not at all the type of topic I expected; my first reaction was to take the easy way out and use the color scheme. Only, the color scheme is a bit out of my comfort zone so it wouldn’t exactly be the easy way! So, I need to start with the definition. admire: (verb) To regard with pleasure, wonder, and approval. Who do I admire? Celebrities, survivors, and historical figures aside; off the top of my head:

  • the designer who already has her 2008 releases lined up (with models done!)
  • the mom who homeschools her 6 children and still appears to be sane
  • the stitching blogger who shares beautiful finished projects every few days
  • the artist running a very successful Etsy shop

AHA. I’m noticing a theme; all of the people I admire are people who get things done. Maybe rather than choosing just one person I admire, I could focus on the characteristic of efficiency, which is getting things done within a reasonable time frame. Yes, I admire efficiency. Next, how to translate that into a design? And in what medium? Oy. This is hard! Gotta let it stew a bit. I’m going to go rip out a reindeer head.

9 thoughts on “a bad moose + a bit of brainstorming

  1. I admire efficiency, too. I used to be frighteningly efficient – just ask those who’ve known me longer than 10 years. See, about 10 years ago … I started having kids! And my efficiency just fell all apart! LOL!!!!

  2. I’ve always been efficient and the more kids we added to the mix the more efficient I became, please don’t think I’m patting my own back…because I’m not, (I have a lot of things I struggle with), But I think Efficiency is a God given talent. I really don’t try to be that way, my brain and life just “think” that way…ya know what I mean. Like Black and White…no gray..I thank God each day for his blessings and this is one of them, I’m happy he gave me :) I’ll be anxious to see what you come up with!

  3. I think I’m efficient too. I hardly ever buy anything that is full price. I can reuse decorations and make them look new for many years. I wish half of our house was more energy efficient-there is a fix maybe-a new door down our basement would help!

  4. ouch .. kinda harsh ripping out that poor reindeer’s head! sure glad I’m reading this at work .. I wouldn’t want my reindeer to know I was reading about reindeer abuse! *lol*

    Can’t wait to see that moose!

    I get a lot accomplished .. but I would never call myself efficient or organized .. wish I were!

  5. Neat, we are in sync in a way. I just wrote a progress note in my blog today and now coming around reading other blogs in the TIFC. The distillation of “why” those admired are admirable into a trait, which can then be worked into a piece. Though the traits are different the process is similar. Really neat to see that.

  6. The Blue Moose turned out too cute! But I’m dying to hear the whole story too! Can’t wait to see what you do for your challenge. Where do you find these awesome things?

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