I went shopping yesterday, which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary except that what I was shopping for was clothes. For myself. Most of the clothes I wear on a regular basis are things I’ve had for at least 9 years. I had fallen into that terrible trap that women tend to fall into when they have children… I had disappeared into leisure wear. When there’s a baby to be cared for, who has time to put together a nice outfit? But suddenly, that baby is 9 and so is my “style”.

I went through my closet and re-discovered some cool clothes I had purchased but never worn, discarded some of the stuff I’ve been looking at for the last decade, created a freecycle pile of things I will never wear (such as the incredibly ugly skirt I bought because it was on clearance for 1.99), made a list of items I needed to complete my new wardrobe, and headed to the mall.

Fortunately, I was able to catch some great after-Christmas sales and I found almost everything that was on my list. I still need to work on the shoes… the ones I found that I liked and fit my listed requirements were shockingly high. (I may not be ready for shoe shopping just yet.)

Today I have to focus on more shopping, but of a different kind. Our TV has been dying a slow and painful death and I believe it’s gasping its last breath. The picture has gone almost totally dark, except for a few minutes here and there when it would look perfectly normal if everyone’s hair wasn’t green.

Friday’s happiness: being able to find jeans that fit well in under a half-hour


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  1. Ha! Talk about parallel lives! I just did the whole wardrobe update thing last year in ’07! I feel so much more confident and stylish now. Its a great thing to do for yourself.
    AND, our TV went out right before Thanksgiving, and let me tell you, I never pictured myself as a large screen TV kinda girl but that is all that is out there! And now…well, let me just say, my beloved football Sundays have entered a new dimension! I couldn’t be happier! LOL!

  2. I just got back from shopping and found tons of bargains at Macy’s. I found my closet to be quite bare after going through it last fall. Every ten years or so I throw things out. It’s amazing what I find that still have tags!!! Nancy

  3. I’m a huge What Not to Wear fan, and Stacey and Clinton are forever reminding mothers that they have to take time for themselves and dress themselves nicely in order to set a good example for their kids. They always say it’s just as easy to put on a nice fitting pair of jeans and a stylish top as it is to put on sweats. Sure, the shopping is the hard part, but if you look at it as setting a good example, it seems so much more worth it.

  4. I can’t handle the dressing room mirrors. The last time I went clothes shopping, they sent me into a days-long funk. I’m going to be forced into it, though, once I lose the last pregnancy pounds … I tossed everything that was worn out when I shifted to maternity clothes. LOL!

  5. I think all mums do this regardless of the number of times we are told not to do by some program on TV or articles in magazines. Trouble is we get into this state and then look in the mirror as we “treat” ourselves. Often we are shocked by the ‘old’woman who standing before us and many like me, desert shopping in the effort to avoid the mirror staring back at us. Next thing you know, another 14lbs have been added and you look even worse.So this year I have decided that I am a going to go ‘shopping’ at least once a month, not necessarily to buy anything but to look at myself long and hard to see the real me,not Mum as I have become.

  6. Hi Monique,
    I love how you put a little “positive note” at the end of your updates. I need to remember to check in more often. And by the way….love the article in the new JCS magazine!

  7. I hate to clothes-shop! Mainly because I’m a picky shopper and I know what I like when I see it and usually I don’t see it and when I do, it doesn’t fit! Whew – well, that’s it, so I wear the same mom-clothes over and over which is getting tiresome so methinks I need to get some new clothes that I like one of these days. It’s just so exhausting. I’d rather buys books!

  8. i hate to clothes shop, i come out in a cold sweat trying stuff on, i hate the small cubicles, i hate the lighting in them, all the defects show up.. bad..i htate going through the wardrobe and throwing things out.. b cos the wardrobe will look empty and that means stuff has got to be bought, not into clothes retial therapy.. look how much money it saves me to spend on other stuff ;-)

  9. Heheh, you’re not alone! I’ve done the ‘post-natal wardrobe bash’ twice now, lol. My youngest is now almost 7 so I suppose I’m due for another soon. Trouble is, I actually like wearing jeans and t-shirts and don’t really ‘do’ skirts and dressy stuff, so my wardrobe re-hash is likely to be more of the same, hahah.

    Good luck with your challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I used to be *the* most efficient person I know….if efficient means a total control freak and able to juggle a million things at any one time……..

    These days though, I hit high-fives if I remember to brush my hair before noon, lol.

  10. Ugh, I hate clothes shopping. I am in that rut of casual wear. Doesn’t help that when I find something I like, I buy it in every color (hello, Old Navy T-shirts? Yeah, I am talking to you.) possible and wear them to death. DH said that we can buy new clothes after we move this summer. Thank goodness because his undershirts are a sad excuse of fabric.

    And one of our tv’s has a green spot on the side. Makes it interesting!

    : )

  11. Hi Monique, Happy New Year!!

    I’ve been reading through your blog, catching up on all your news and stuff. I see you’re contemplating a new Tv. So are we. Our’s is 19 years old and starting to show signs of it’s advanced age. We’re in a bit of a panic because Tv technology has advanced so much…19 years that we’re sort of at a loss as to where to start, what to look for, and what we need. Think Fred Flintstone looking for a vehicle in a George Jetson dealership. Ah well.

    Loved the picture of your kitty Katie on frog watch. What a beautiful cat she is. Don’t you think that orange cats are incredible characters??

    Great start on My Stitching Treasures. It looks like it’s going to be a beauty. I look forward to watching it grow under your needles.

    I was fascinated to see your 4 X 4 square from the artsy challange. I love the juxtaposition of the black and white, old fashioned picture of the woman, with the bright, vivid and colourful background made using leftovers from a very modern embelishment. Oh, and her eye glasses. It must have been tons of fun experimenting with the punchinella.

    I love your philosophy regarding the aquasition of stash vs going on the wagon. I think stitching (and crafting) stash is like books….you can never have too much. It encourages the creativity in us, which is good for the soul. So you keep designing…and I’ll keep collecting.

    Warmest best wishes to you and your family for the New Year.


  12. And here I thought I was the only one that hated clothes shopping! ACK! Give me a book store or cross stitch shop any day! I need to do the shopping thing this month. Will keep you posted. LOL

  13. Good for you! I think it’s good to shake up our wardrobe every so often. I’ve been purging a lot of stuff from my own closet, which has been a very interesting experience – it’s amazing the things we hold on to!

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