donuts & tornado warnings


Look what came all the way from Malaysia… this fabulous doughnut pincushion that Lillie made! What a marvelous surprise; it’s SO cute and well done. Thank you, Lillie!! I wish I had a better picture of it. The “sprinkles” are little sparkly beads.

I didn’t get much accomplished today. The weather was making me too nervous. We keep going from tornado watch to warning and back again… it’s storming now but a weird sort of storm. And to top it off, we live in such a small town that there’s no tornado siren. I generally monitor things on the internet until the power goes out, but I just got a really cool weather radio for Christmas. I was looking forward to using it, but milder weather would have been OK for the test run! Yikes.

I’m thankful that we have strong internet service.


15 thoughts on “donuts & tornado warnings

  1. Wow I thought that doughnut was real! What a fantastic pincushion.

    Stay safe Monique. We’ve had high winds here ( nothing like tornadoes though) and I hate them.

  2. Yep…those weather radios really are a little nerve racking and LOUD!!!! I hope that all is ok?! It’s now storming and blowing to beat the band here…

    Your little donute is so cute…I envy people that can put together such cute things like this!

  3. Very cute pincushion!

    I love my weather radio, but I do get nervous when it keeps going off! Hope that all is well for you. We had a lot of rain and lightning here.

  4. That’s a great donut pincushion and definitely the version that would suit me – no calories!

    Very strange weather we are having too, but luckily no tornadoes in our forecast. Good luck!

  5. Oh My and here I thought you were making donuts and I was trying to figure out how you go them so perfect. Looks absolutely yummy. Hope you fared the storm well.

  6. Hi Monique,
    I saw those pincushion yummies on her blog recently and they looked good enough to eat. Darling – just make certain you don’t eat it. LOL

    Hope your weather has calmed down today.

  7. Yikes! Those tornado’s sound scary! We don’t have them here. Stay safe.

    What a great pin-cushion! It looks so real, lol

  8. Hi Monique, so glad it managed to find its way safely to your home! I hoped by now everything is back to normal. Stay safe and take care.

    I’m a lil’behind with my blog reads lately :(

  9. Love the little donut – sprinkles and all! How fun! Hope the weather stays ok for you, I hate having tornado warnings.

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