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I got a bit more prep work done for my TIF project… I decided to go ahead and follow the color scheme anyway. I also decided to use only fabric bits for this challenge. I’ve been collecting fabric scraps in this box for some time, and this challenge is a perfect excuse to use them up. I have a sketch and a plan, so I can see myself getting this done on time!


I got the cutest block (from my monthly swap) in the mail today; isn’t this a happy design?


Oh, and I forgot to post the picture of my Blue Moose finish:


We had a beautiful sunset tonight, I tried to get a good picture:


When I woke up this morning, I thought it was Thursday. It was mid-afternoon before I figured out it was really Wednesday and I wasn’t behind for the week after all! Does anyone else ever do that?

Today’s joy: discovering an “extra day”


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  1. Yeah, I get mixed up on the days sometimes, too, but more often in such a way that I lose a day. Recently I had almost three December 27th’s before I realized that I’d forgotten to advance the calendar …

  2. BELIEVE me…I do it ALL the time :)
    your moose is cute! And that monthy swap block is sweet too! The sunset is gorgeous…isn’t good to stop and give thanks to God for the little wonders in life?!

  3. Blue Moose is just TOO CUTE!! I get days mixed up too. I sometimes think of important dates the day after!! That’s really bad!! LOL!

  4. lol .. I love your blue moose! and I’ve been singing that song in my head every since seeing it!

    ohhhhh I do that all the time too .. sometimes to my benefit! lol

  5. What a fun square to get, very cute little sheep. Also, your Blue Moose looks great. Both of those make you smile when you look at them.

  6. Yes, I do that all the time – although usually I’m thinking it’s Friday when it’s Thursday. Love the moose – he’s cute!

  7. I see you are working with the palette, I will continue your work!! dear friend.
    My work revolves around the idea, I really enjoy it, post today
    A hug

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