Christmas Past


Tonight we will have our annual “end of Christmas celebration”, where my daughter and I camp out in the living room. Before falling asleep, when it’s dark except for the lights on the tree, we discuss Christmas… what it means, what our favorite things this year were, what we hope for next year, plus a few girly things. I love this special time with her and hope we can continue for many more years, although I suspect she won’t want to once she hits those icky teenage years.

In one final burst of Christmas cheer, I wanted to share some of the ornaments from my past. These are on my parent’s tree, and (in some cases) I’m surprised they’re still around.

Here’s my first grade picture-in-a-pie-tin ornament:


And here’s the “sputnik” thing I made with my grandmother when I was a kid (not sure how old). Remember these? Made by putting beads on pins and pushing into styrofoam balls?


And finally, here’s proof that I was cross stitching 21 years ago:


simple pleasure: handmade ornaments that remind me of special times


15 thoughts on “Christmas Past

  1. Isn’t it the BEST to look at ornaments and remember the past Christmases and years? That’s one of my FAVORITE things to do!
    Sounds like your tradition of sleeping under the Christmas tree to celebrate the end of Christmas is a good one….my kids and I sleep under the Christmas tree on their birthdays (Dec. 4 – twins and Dec. 11 Katie) It’s a fun tradition to do and they love it!

  2. What a nice tradition to have! Since my tree fell over this year and it leaned against the wall, we decided it would be a good idea to take it down early!

  3. What a great tradition. I love remembering where ornaments came from … however I did throw out some of the ornaments that I made when I was younger today because they just weren’t going to make it much longer … it was kinda sad.

  4. What a wonderful tradition, a very special time. I love looking at trees in the dark with just their lights on and sipping hot chocolate, it’s so peaceful. Fun decorations too, and I remember the ones like your Sputnik one, made a number of those myself with my grandmother. Boy did the end of my finger hurt from pushing pins after a while.

  5. What a fun tradition, a really special way to close a special time. I love your pie plate ornament! I have a tissue paper wreath w/my son’s picture in it from kindy, very similar.

  6. what a lovely tradition .. wish my boys were young again, I’d start this one in a heart beat! When it comes to traditions, teenagers will surprise you .. I bet your daughter will keep doing this with you all through her youth :)

  7. Sweet ornaments! I do like the homemade ones the best. I haven’t put any up on the big tree for a few years. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a special tradition you’ve started with your daughter – I bet she continues it on for many years to come. And I loved seeing your “vintage” ornaments – they remind me of some of mine from childhood.

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