some not-so-good art


This week’s theme on 4 X 4 Friday is “music”; here’s what I came up with. I began with a classical music sheet for the background, added color with pastels, and then decoupaged the modern iPod girl. Looks better in person; the colors are bright.

For the Valentine theme at Theme Thursday, I made a bookmark using a paint color sample strip as the base and old movie stills for the focal points. I outlined everything with silver paint, and covered the whole thing with Mod Podge. I couldn’t get a good pic of the overall bookmark so I included a close-up pic. BTW, to avoid brush marks when using Mod Podge, tap the stuff on instead. It leaves a nice textured finish. The more tapping, the thicker the texture!

I’m not particularly thrilled with either piece, but at least I am experimenting more, which was the whole point of my New Year’s Decisions. I’m slowly but surely getting over my perfection issues, and allowing myself to make mistakes and some not-so-good art.

Today’s simple pleasure: finishing a good book with a cat on my lap, purring

14 thoughts on “some not-so-good art

  1. I dig the music one a lot… but I’m a sucker for music as well as art, I like to see both combined! I have to admit I’m I just have a plain ole’ mp3 player…

  2. I love the bookmark. One thing I really like is the color name Wet Cement is showing. My brother is a newlywed living in a new construction home. When their sidewalk was poured, they wrote their initials inside a heart in the wet cement. So romantic. *swoon*

  3. I like the IPOD one alot. It’s ok if it doesn’t end up being exactly what you are trying for. That is the joy of creativity and good for you for trying something new!

  4. Hi Monique,

    I like the book mark you made, with the old Hollywood stills on the paint sample strip. The Mod Podge finish on it really stands out, even in the photograph. And I like the silver paint trim around each picture. Sort of like film strips.

    Good for you for venturing beyond your comfort zone, and exploring various craft/art projects both for fun and to expand your horizons.

    Your simple pleasure of the day (good book and purring cat) sounds like pure bliss to me. I couldn’t agree more.

    The handmade ornaments on your parent’s tree do exactly what all Christmas ornaments should do…encourage memories, tell a story, brighten our day, and make us smile.
    I love looking at other peoples trees and asking them about the ornaments. They get a real kick out of telling me all about their favourite’s.

    The photo you took of the sunset is gorgeous!! Look at all those amazing colours.

    When making up a project, stitching or other, how do you go about selecting colours and deciding what matches and what contrasts? Do you use a colour wheel or something like that?

    Hope you’re having a great week Monique.


  5. They’re both very creative. I think IPOD Nation is kind of neat, and I’ll bet my DD would love it. Have fun with all your new crafts.

  6. Cool bookmark! I love the old time actors and actresses and I tried to see if I could recognize the ones you used. The ones on Wet Cement look kind of like Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, but I’m not 100% sure (am I right??). And is that Jean Harlow on the Crushed Granite? Or am I way off…??? I couldn’t figure out the others…who are they? :-)

  7. I like the bookmark – what fun. And I think that you’re right, experimenting and getting out of your box a little is what it’s all about!

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