the gypsy girl


This is what I made today for the Gothic Arches theme of “gypsy”. I used Renoir’s “Gypsy Girl”, printed on laser paper with an inkjet (gives it a pixellated, inky look), stamping on top, oil pastel accents, and a bit of glitter. And I really did spill the glitter… that’s not just a fancy prop :)

I know, this seems to be turning into a different type of blog lately. Where did all the stitching go? It’s in progress, mostly things I can’t show just yet, but I’m still stitching every day. Tonight I worked on a Glory Bee ornament from one of the JCS ornament issues. I just love Nancy’s designs… they are cheerful!

Oh, and today was partner assignment day for the Fair & Square exchange. I will be paired with Georgie. One again, my partner is someone I don’t already know… nice to get to ‘meet’ new bloggers once in a while.

Tanya announced a SAL today that I would reeeally like to join, but I’m not sure I dare. I have a few big projects lined up already. However, if any of you are getting ready to stitch that marvelous Quaker Christmas design, go sign up… I’ll be visiting the blog to watch you all stitch it up!

Today’s simple pleasure: a large pot of homemade chili, not too spicy :)


14 thoughts on “the gypsy girl

  1. I really like this piece and all of your creativity. It is excellent to share it on a stitching blog as you never know when one medium can cross over to another medium. Tonight I was considering how effective adhering stitched pieces to the sides on nesting boxes would look and I know it has been done on tote bags but I was thinking about that some today too.

  2. Hi Monique, Your Arch is sooooooo lovely!
    I noticed you little comment about your blog being a little different lately…mine too, But part of being creative is allowing yourself to play, discover and Create!
    So enjoy your creative journey….

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