thursday’s post

I feel like I started this year in a whirlwind… creating something everyday, catching up on domestic projects, business paperwork, and so on. I know we are only on day 17, but I’m already tired!

To top it off, my wrist hurts with the slightest bit of weight. It even hurts to stitch, which is not good. That’s one of the more interesting aspects of Lupus– I never know which body part will hurt or just not work properly from day to day. Keeps me hopping :)

My parents took me digital camera shopping (early birthday gift) and I was overwhelmed at the wide variety of cameras available. I decided on a Nikon because it had a macro button right on the back… scrolling through all those menu screens on some of the other brands was a real hassle. I use my camera mainly for close-up stuff so that was the most important feature to me. And even better– it’s pink!

Shoo… this is a boring post. I think I’ll go try to catch up on reading your blogs instead :)

Today’s simple pleasure: fresh cinnamon bagels for breakfast


12 thoughts on “thursday’s post

  1. I need a new camera too – the on/off button hasn’t worked since the summer so I use one of those cooking toothpicks to cut it on and off. Sad – yes, I know. LOL I wish I had a pink camera – that sounds awesome – the color alone :)

    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping your birthday is extra happy!

  2. I’m so out of it when it comes to technology that when I tried to purchase a digital camera two years ago it was a bit over whelming… I didn’t know the lingo I just wanted to take a picture… I gonna bring back Polaroid revival, by the way… happy birthday

  3. Happy Birthday Monique! Wishing you a special day. Hope your wrist is doing better. Enjoy your digital camera! Wow, fresh cinnamon bagels! Makes me want to run into town to Panera’s and get one!

  4. Your chart quiz post was fun, I’ll bet it was challenging coming up with the different patterns for the answers.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Enjoy your new camera, it sound like you found a good one for you. The color being pink would be an extra bonus. :)

  5. Hope your wrist is feeling better soon. Enjoy your new camera – those macro buttons are the best!!

  6. Thanks for sharing pictures of the froggie. My son has a “thing” for frogs and put a smile on his face when I showed him.

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