Katie is still sitting by the frog tank! She’s such a good frog-mom. Can you see the little guy in the left corner of the tank? He likes to watch her now, too… I think they are bonding. Here’s a close-up shot of our cute little froggy (btw, those brown things on the sand are food pellets, not frog droppings):


And here’s a picture of Cheese, one of my daughter’s Webkinz. I know– not officially a pet, not even alive… but it will cheer my girl to see his picture on my blog. She’s not feeling well today, and will have to miss a playdate she’s been looking forward to. So, Cheese:


I had a pleasant birthday. No dinner out after all because my husband was sick, but he gave me peace & quiet so I could read my new Jane Austen book. I’ve started with Sense & Sensibility, but after seeing last night’s Masterpiece Theatre, I wish I would have started with Northanger Abbey. What a marvelous story! I can’t believe I wasn’t familiar with it– will have to read it ASAP.

Why not seize the pleasure at once? How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation? —-Jane Austen

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  1. aren’t frogs awesome! I love that the cat and frog are bonding :)

    Cheese is adorable! I’m a sucker for a cute stuffed animal :) I got the webkinz reindeer for Christmas from my bff Lisa :)

  2. Great pet pics! Beautiful cat :) Sorry your husband was sick – mine had a sinus headache on Saturday but I got him Sudafed and he was good to go. Yep, nothing was stopping my weekend of calm. LOL


  3. Hope all are well in your household, including you! Is you hand feeling better? Love youy critter pictures, they are sooo cute. What a darling cat. Get well wishes for you so you can get back to doing exactly what you want.

  4. Cute piccies Monique!

    I received my Feb JCS mag on Friday and it was wonderful to read all about you and put a face to the name:)

  5. Happy birthday! I have never read any Jane Austen, but I think I will put some on my to-read list asap!

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