TIF + a little finish

tifc_opt.jpgA quick update… things are still progressing on the Jan installment of the Take It Further Challenge. For some reason, I’ve done a lot more thinking/preparing/planning than actually DOING on this project. I’m not sure I’m very happy with where this is going, but I’ll carry on and see how I like it finished.

Something neat, though: there’s now a separate blog so all of our finishes can be posted easily on one site. I generally hate comparisons, but I’m feeling a bit out of my league after viewing what other people have done. Looking forward to February for another chance.


Here’s my second finish for the year; a LK square for my STO block swap. February’s theme is “friendship”. I used one of the LK free charts and my own colors.

If friends were flowers, I’d pick you :)

8 thoughts on “TIF + a little finish

  1. You’ve really jumped into that challenge and your choices are really good and so creative! I’m impressed. Your Friendship stitching is so sweet and I love the colors in it. Very cheerful!

    Have a good night,

  2. Love your Friendship Block Monique! Funny, that’s what I’m searching for tonight too.

  3. By thinking, preparing and planning you are doing exactly what was expected of this project as far as I can see…take it further…which means take it further than you normally would and see what you discover about you and your craft. Keep going you are doing great.

  4. Wonderful LK!!!

    Well, I think the thinking and planning are very creative and fun. It is the process which we enjoy. The outcome is great, but the process … that is where the creativity lives.


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