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Have you heard about the Comfort Doll Project? People are making little dolls to give to battered women in order to provide them with a bit of love. Fantastic opportunity to do something if you ask me. According to Pat (the organizer):

I know some may think making dolls to give to a woman who has just been beaten,raped, or abused in some way is like putting a band-aid on an amputation. Well, I see it as sending a message of hope,love,and encouragement. A gentle hug,a smile,a nudge to go forward and see there is sunshine ahead.

Many moons ago, I didn’t have much sympathy for battered women. Weren’t they dumb to stay (?!) I thought… and I never thought I’d wind up there myself. I don’t plan on going into the gory personal details here, but I can tell you that abuse involves a fair amount of brainwashing. Slowly but surely, you begin to believe you are not worth being treated any better and even worse, that you deserve to be beaten. It takes incredible courage to leave an abusive situation; extraordinary courage. And a certain indescribable fortitude to not wind up in that same place again.

I plan to get started on a comfort doll soon. Anyone care to join me?

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. -Anne Frank

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  1. Monique, Thank you for spreading the word about the Comfort Doll Project and joining in. Your thoughts of why women would stay and be abused is shared by many, myself included years ago. There is a stereotype of battered women are drug users and lay around drunk and mouth off, which although doesn’t give any human the right to hit another, makes you think she deserves it. I think women stay because they can’t believe it is happening to them and they go into denial their brain that says it is time to escape, it isn’t going to improve no matter how good you are.
    It takes courage because you are scared to death of what may happen if you get caught running. Hopefully this project will open the eyes of men and women to see it could happen to them or someone they love.Thanks for your support.

  2. Monique,
    You are a sweetheart! God bess you for doing that and for what you are encouraging others to do! Very gracious of you. Have a wonderful & awesome day.

  3. Hi:

    I am still working on mine. I went to the local bead shop & asked the owner to find some face charms for me. My ‘faces’ are just not great [understatement]. And, I really want a face on the doll. The owner already knew about the project & has a trade show in early Feb.

    Delighted you are going to participate!!!

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