making color decisions

Choosing what colors to use in a design is one of my favorite steps in the production process. Could be because I’m a fiber junkie and love an excuse to fondle my threads! This is a test patch created for an upcoming release, 5 colors of GAST are shown. I settled on the 2 greens right away but I’m still playing with the browns…
I never begin charting with colors already in mind, other than in a vague sense–yellow for the moon, brown for the dog, etc. I’ll load my pallette with a generic rainbow and it’s only after charting is complete that I move on to the specifics. This particular design was born *screaming* for Crossed Wing’s hand painted Sky, so I based my thread selection on that. I also view the thread & fabric combination under my Daylight lamp, in natural light by the window, and at night by the living room lamp to make sure they are going to work in every situation.

Note: This is a recycled post from way back in early 2006, but I’m fairly certain no one ever read it and the technique still applies. BTW, the design that this color patch is for? It’s only about 3/4 stitched. I get so sidetracked

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2 thoughts on “making color decisions

  1. I’m afraid if I were a designer I’d get totally lost in this part of the process. I just love playing with colors and textures…

  2. I love the color combination – the browns and greens against that blue. I get easily sidetracked as well…but this is a good reminder to “get it done”! : )

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