“pretty threads”, a pretty kitty, + some pretty weird weather


Hooray! After much experimentation (and a fair amount of time & money spent on a variety of test products) I finally figured out how to make thread holders just the way I wanted them… fun, sturdy, and with perfectly smooth holes. They are made of a translucent plastic, and each one has to be drawn individually so I don’t know how many of these I’ll realistically be able to make… I don’t see these as being suitable for mass-production. I have listed these in my Etsy shop, and there are better pictures over there if you’d like to have a look.

I finished them late last night, so I had to wait until this morning for taking my photos. Katie wanted to see what I was up to and sat in the window, watching me. I love the way her fur shines in the sunlight:


Today’s weather was sure really weird! This morning it was warm… the sun was shining, the neighbors were out playing, and I even saw a bee. This afternoon, we were under a tornado watch and it got suddenly cold. It started to snow gently, but (of course) by the time I got up to the grocery store it was a full-blown blizzard. The garage door wouldn’t even close because big snowflakes kept blocking the safety sensor, but this evening has settled down into a nice soft snowfall… the kind that’s perfect for coffee and stitching :)

Today’s simple pleasure: a bit of spring on a winter morning


20 thoughts on ““pretty threads”, a pretty kitty, + some pretty weird weather

  1. Hi Monique,

    Ohhhhh….pretty thread holders. These are so cool. Did you make them right from scratch, including forming the squares and putting the holes in???

    Your posts on hand dyed threads, and how to use them and store them are great. As someone who’s only been using hand dyed threads for the past year and still has a lot to learn and experience with them I really appreciated your explanations and instruction.

    I agree that winding all threads on bobbins is a PITA. So I’m not getting into that with my slowly growing collection of hand dyeds. But I do wind my DMC floss. Four large boxes of them, and counting!!

    Hmmm….Threads handing in a closet might be a good idea…if I had a spare, empty closet. And as Jenn points out in her comment above…it would drive my cats stark raving bonkers!! But oh boy it looks neat!! Look at all those gorgeous skeins of thread….(Judy drools all over her keyboard)

    I think the comfort doll idea is a wonderful one. And I’m sure it would really mean a lot to someone who’s been through such a horrendous experience to know that a stranger cared enough to make it for her. It would show her that she’s not entirely alone in her troubles.

    Katie and her froggy friend are so cute together. You never know what an orange cat is going to get up to next. They are a unique sub species of cat. Or as we say here when talking about our Rupert….he’s NUTS!!!

    You asked me if I enjoyed the newest Father Tim book from Jan Karon, and I would say that yes I did. I find her books relaxing, uplifting and at times humourous. Sometimes the coincidences in this book might be considered a bit over the top, but I just accept the book for what it is, a story of faith, hope and love. I’ll have to go read some of the book reviews for myself and see what other people thought of the story.

    And, I’m glad I could inspire you to make
    a trek to the bookstore. I love enabling people. Lol!

    Cheers and happy creating.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are darling – just bought the birdie one. Had to have it – great idea and these look wonderful. Way to go, Monique!


  3. Tres, tres cool, Monique – too cute! When are you going to have them for sale?

  4. More tornado weather? Yikes – take care!

    Love the thread holders – off to see if they are already all sold …

  5. Your thread holders are lovely! I missed out on them, but it was nice to see them! Love the kitty cat–orange tabbies are my favorite!

  6. A day late. . . pretty thread holders Monique. And your kitty is just beautiful. Great company for when you’re feeling under the weather as well.

  7. Wonderful thread holders. I’m glad you’re checking out the ArtTechATC group, they have very well swaps. I love the quotes too. Kind of a quieter group, but some good stuff going on. Maybe we’ll be in a swap together some time. I just signed up for the Zentangles, which is very different for me hahaa!

  8. cool thread holders!! hope you make some more..I went to see if they where still avilable but the ones I liked the most are sold :(

  9. Oh your thread holders are wonderful! What a great idea – I love how different they all are.

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