Well goodness… that photo border is a bit grandiose for so simple of a finish! I recently discovered Web Resizer and was playing around with the border features this morning. Web Resizer is a pretty neat tool for lowering the file size of pictures without hurting the quality of the image. With my new camera, the file sizes are huge, and the Resizer is much faster than my old way of uploading them into Illustrator and re-saving for the web.

Thanks for the great response on my threadholders! I will make more as soon as I get a chance. And thank you for all of your comments, too! I don’t always have time to respond to them, but I do read every one :)

It seems to be my turn to get sick… I can feel it coming on, and I’m getting worse by the minute. DH was sick for a week, then the next week it was DD, so I guess it’s on to me now. I’ve got to make a post office run and then I’m going to park myself on the couch and rest.

I just love a cozy spot and a snuggly blanket :)

Edited to add: Yikes! I forgot to say that the finish is of Debbie Draper’s design in the 2007 Gift of Stitching Magazine ornament issue! I changed the colors a bit, as usual. OK, *now* I’m going to go rest.


9 thoughts on “wednesday

  1. Hope you feel better, Monique. That tree finish is lovely – I so like how the borders make the shape!


  2. Pick up some Cold-eeze tablets or drops. They taste AWFUL, but they work. My DH swears it’s all in my head, but I’m convinced they’re effective and they work for me, so that’s really all the proof I need!

    Take care!

  3. Cute finish, and your thread holders in your earlier post were lovely. My favorite was put your threads here my dear with the little bird. Hope you were able to avoid getting sick with what you thought you were catching. There is so much flu and colds going around right now. Take care of yourself.

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