TIFC Jan. finish + Feb. topic

gidtfic_opt.jpg (detail pictures)

Well, I surprised myself by actually finishing this piece on time! Funny, considering the subject. I’ve started a TIFC page here (tab above header)… basically the same info I’ve already posted about, just condensed onto a single page.

For February, the question is “what are you old enough to remember”?  Sharon explains the concept and shares why she chose the topic in her blog post.  The color scheme this month (IMHO a bit icky):



6 thoughts on “TIFC Jan. finish + Feb. topic

  1. CUTE! I like the textures too. Love the stitched block added in as well. Very nice!!

    Are you feeling any better?

  2. I agree with you about Feb challenge colours. The sample of threads that this came from looked okay though, had some red in there to brighten it up. Nice tif for Jan, I love those colours.

  3. PERFECT!! Excellent : ) I admire those who Get Things Done, too. Oh – your project is simply marvelous

    Enjoy The February challenge … I’m with you on the drab colors. I’m 50, and I don’t recall all that drab stuff. I remember vivid colors: dotted swiss & eyelet curtains & fluffy sleeves & seersucker … yeah, I’m such a fossil : )

  4. Great finish – and congratulations for getting it done on time despite not feeling 100%.

    The color palette is a bit … different.

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