good mail; bad coffee


Nice mail day… I got a surprise birthday bookmark from Wendy that’s just awesome– the beads on it are little seahorses (!!) and a new Jane Austen chart from Tanya. Speaking of Tanya, here’s my start on her mermaid… hoping to finish tonight.


I’ve been reduced to instant coffee–ick. My coffee maker died last night… I never realized before how much I enjoy my evening coffee routine! Under normal circumstances, I would just run into the city for a new coffee maker but I’m waiting for the Dish TV guy to get here. (We’re switching from DirecTV) Soooo… I made a mad dash up to the local grocery store to pick up some instant coffee. When I got home, I realized I don’t have a teapot to boil water in so I had to microwave a mug of water which added to the um, flavor.

simple pleasure: a working coffee maker :)


11 thoughts on “good mail; bad coffee

  1. Hi Monique! I wanted to swing by and visit your blog and imagine my joy when I read your love for coffee. I have killed my fair share of coffee makers and I have been known to run out at a moments notice to resolve my coffee dilemmas. I have not ever tried instant coffee and I cannot imagine how horrible it must be. Hopefully your satellite guy will arrive on time (or early) and will work quickly so that you can run out and get a new machine.
    I so love Tanya’s Jane Austen charts. I have to start collecting those so I can hang them all in my little book nook.

  2. ohhh girlfriend not instant coffee! and without a tea kettle to make the water really good and hot .. that’s just horrible! I hope your TV guy comes on time so you can dash out for a new coffee pot :)

  3. When Niek and I started seeing each other, I drank instant coffee. After awhile, I asked him if he thought he was happy with me … and he replied he would be, if only I’d start making “real” coffee! LOL! (I did!)

    Love your mail – but love mine more! I will post about it tomorrow!! ;)

  4. Eeeeew, instant coffee! You have to find a way to make real, coffe-makingmachine-independent coffee in case something else happens to your coffee maker! Poor you.
    Love the gifties!

  5. OOh, make sure you get a Hamilton Beach Brew Station. They’re spendy, but so worth it! I love mine. No, really. I love it.

  6. icky! blah! instant coffee is like drinking dirt water. LOL Ok, not THAT bad…but here’s hoping you rush your little self out there tomorrow for a coffeemaker. Don’t make yourself suffer any longer :)

    Nice mermaid!

  7. Do like the mermaid. You might have enabled me again. I’m a green tea drinker but love my half cappucino / half french vanilla once a week. I use to drink alot of coffee with those wonderful creamers.

  8. Lovely start on the mermaid. She looks so cute.

    Yuck to coffee: instant or any other! Lol! I only dribk tea:)

  9. Hope you’ve acquired a new coffee maker. The instant stuff is gack!

    Cute mermaid, and the bookmark is awesome!

  10. Honestly, the instant coffee sounds terrible. When we were in a pinch, we would boil water, put a filter into a strainer [you know, like a small kitchen strainter] and slowly pour the water thru the filter into the mugs.

    See, college DID teach me a few tricks!!! LOL

    Good to read where you have your new coffee machine. Cannot live without them!!!

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