Amigurumi cuteness and DVR coolness

Eggy Animal
PDF- Amigurumi Snails and mushrooms Pattern Set
Amigurumi Theatre Duo, Soda and Popcorn, Crochet
Micro Monkeys Crochet pattern
PDF-Amigurumi Easter Pattern Set
Crochet Pattern- Luke in the dinosaur suit amigurumi
Little Crochet Clementine
Little Amigurumi Cupcake Softie
Softies - Little Amigurumi Pear

I’ve become captivated by amigurumi, which is the Japanese craft of crocheting (or knitting) small animals or cute foody things. This will be the next thing I learn how to do! When I can make the time, that is. I haven’t a clue what I’d actually do with a crocheted cupcake, but aren’t they adorable?! Surely this is a craft that would provide nothing but smiles once mastered. The pics up there are clickable, linking to Etsy sellers, but my all-time favorite amigurumi designer is Ana Paula.

We got our DISH TV hooked up yesterday, along with our new DVR. None of us had ever experienced life with a DVR, so we didn’t know what we were missing… boy is it ever neat. Now I will be able to record all those crafty shows that DIY shoved into the wee hours of the morning, and pause live tv for a break! wow. We’ve come a long way from the days of my childhood when we had about 7 channels to watch and you actually had to leave your chair to change them.

With our DISH service, we acquired a few new channels and lost a few, so our watching habits will be a bit mixed up for a while. I admit I watched a few races on the Horseracing Channel last night, but what’s funny is that my daughter has glommed onto The Game Show channel… surely she was switched at birth.

I think I was using too much instant coffee in my mug yesterday because I only slept for four hours and I’m wide awake. I seriously need to go get a coffee maker.

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14 thoughts on “Amigurumi cuteness and DVR coolness

  1. The oranges look very happy. Cute idea, a bunch of crocheted happy fruit in a basket on the counter. Are you going to get a coffee maker today Monique? I’m thinking that is a first priority unless you’ve got all the snow we do, then you’re stuck with instant one more day. I’m personally craving orange spice green tea. . . hoping the stuff melts down some so I can run to the store.

  2. I used to crochet a lot when I was a kid. I taught myself, and I could pick up any pattern and stitch it without having to look at stitch chart. I also designed a few pieces. Sigh. Today I’ve forgotten most of it.

  3. Last night, I missed something the dude said; when I asked him, he couldn’t remember what he had just said. So I pointed the remote at him and tried to rewind. You will find yourself wishing everything were DVR eventually. I’m most disappointed that the radio doesn’t have this capability. :)

  4. Loving my thread holder, Monique!! To be honest, I actually purchased it as a birthday gift for a stitchy friend … but I like it too much to give away! You must make more!! I have no suggestions for improvement to make at this point – I’ll use it more tomorrow. One thing that does leap right out at me is how delightfully light weight it is. And that cheery little fella smilin’ up at me just gets me every time!

  5. Cute little crocheted critters…maybe it’s good that I don’t know how to crochet!

    You will *love* your DVR. We got a TiVo a few years ago, back before DirecTV offered the DVR service. This is going to sound really dumb, but I can’t imagine not having it. It is wonderful for recording shows that come on in the middle of the night (I’ve caught a lot of great movies on Turner Classic Movies with the TiVo) and the pausing/rewinding live TV is great. When out TiVo dies, we *will* be replacing it with either another TiVo or DirecTV’s DVR system.

    Like Anna mentioned above, you’ll find yourself wanting to apply the DVR concept to everything…radio, conversations, real life situations…”hey, did you see that car that just went by?” “no…here, let me hit rewind on the remote so I can see it again…” LOL!!

  6. It’s not the ‘coffee’ itself, it’s you worrying over the fact that you’ve had to resort to this, drinking instant coffee.
    Those crochet/knit semi-edibles look cute! I also love those kids’ hats in the shape of fruit you see everywhere.

  7. Thought I’d check out your blog, since I bought the thread holder from you. I agree – what does one DO with a crocheted cupcake? The little critters are cute, though.

    We got cable a couple weeks ago and it’s great! But I fear I spend too much time watching TV now . . . still, I get some good stitching in while doing so. LOL No DVR, though.

  8. Amigurumi is so very cute. I fall for the little guys all the time. If I were to pick up my crochet hook again, I’d attempt one. Sometimes I really wish I had a girl baby. ;o)

    DVRs are the best thing ever! I love to DVR stuff so I have something to “watch” no matter when I stitch.

  9. I agree, the amigurumi are cute as can be! Fortunately, I have no desire to make them. Whoosh, that was a close one. LOL Enjoy your DVR!

  10. Oh my, these are so adorable!! I love the wee dinosaur one. SO cute!
    Pausing live TV is just great…its still a novelty for me too…have only had the option for the last couple of months.

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