the mermaid with six channels


Just finished a mermaid square for a block exchange. She is taken from Miranda Mermaid by The Sampler Girl. I changed the colors and stitched her crown and mirror with gold metallic thread. This was a fun, quick stitch and I’d like to do her again, only stitch the whole design.


Found out there’s a section on DISHnet to watch 6 channels at once. I can see this being useful if we have a situation like the one in Independence Day, where aliens attack several major cities around the world at once. The DVR thing has totally changed my life, though.

Coffee maker on the way!

12 thoughts on “the mermaid with six channels

  1. LOVE the Mermaid Block. Can’t wait for it to come stay with me for awhile. Am thinking I need to grab that chart!! Glad to hear the coffee maker issue has been resolved. Can’t wait to hear you do the happy dance when it gets there!

  2. Looks great – I so like your colors!!! WOW – yama hama, Monique – awesome channel display. Of course, I wouldn’t know which to watch. LOL

    Tanya, who is in the land of the ancient DVD players and not up to date like her cool friend, Monique!

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Yes, I am excited about all the pretty things Mom makes. I also adore your mermaid! I LOVE mermaids. I am hoping that Mackenzie will like them too. The gold thread looks terrific. I think I might get that little mermaid! You have inspired me.

  4. Your mermaid looks wonderful, what a fun finish. Loved your earlier post of the little crochet/knitted animals too. The monkeys were sooo cute. I haven’t crochet in years (although I recently started to knit a bit again) and the monkeys are really tempting me.

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