this-n-that tuesday


I got the nicest Valentine’s surprise in yesterday’s mail… Ginny (no blog?) made this collage for me! She packed it with a pretty card and a tin of candy, and wrapped it all in red tissue paper. Very sweet! I think I’m going to fasten a ribbon to the back side and hang it in my studio. Thank you, Ginny :)



Katie is still camping out in the frog’s room, and lately she has really been camping out in my daughter’s American Girl tent. Pretty cute, eh?



I received a newsletter from a pretty large company last night, which unfortunately has offended my grammatical sensibilities… how hard is it, really, to employ proper homophone usage ?! I am certainly not perfect, I use way too many commas, and apparantly I frequently misspell apparently. But at least I promise never to offer you a peak at something I’m working on.



I felt out of sorts all weekend. This was the first time in 4 years that I haven’t attended the Nashville needlework market. But while I missed seeing many friends, the break was kind of nice. (I just needed time off from the design biz for a wee bit… I plan to be back in full swing by the April online show.) I’ve been watching a few of the shop websites to see what they’ve brought home, and I’ve found a few “must haves”, which I added to my wish list page here. Thursday is Market Day at my LNS, but that’s also Valentines day… anyone planning on market day shopping at their LNS?


Have a beautiful Tuesday, everyone!

4 thoughts on “this-n-that tuesday

  1. Aren’t those tents the greatest? We bought one for our niece at IKEA – best $10 we ever spent. She went wild for it.

    Also, your wish list was entirely too tempting and some how or another, New World got itself added to MY wish list….

  2. So far, I’ve only pre-ordered one item. Good for me! But their are so many good things out their … must peak again… ;)

  3. Ah, quite the wish list there! I’m honored that Heartstruck Friends has made the list! I preordered SOHRH and am planning to attend my LNS’ Market Party on Thurs. Want to hop a train over? It runs right to Newton I believe and that’s 10 miles from me! : ) I like the new Stacy Nash Netty’s Sampler. I also LOVE Quaker Virtues. Oh and Blackbird’s new book. Love the Quaker accessories by The Primitive Needle too.

    And you know on occasion I do believe a Sneak PEEK is fine! LOL

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