I feel so *boring* lately

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Last night I watched a wonderful version of Mansfield Park on the IFC (Independent Film Channel) that I hadn’t seen before. I don’t think there was a single well-known actor in it, but they were all just marvelous. It is scheduled to be on again Friday the 22nd… I recommend it if you have the channel.

I was also able to finish up one of my WIPs (pictured above). I don’t care for the bunny eyes… they look a bit mean. Unfortunately I was stitching away and covered the 2 squares I should have left open for his eyes! I wasn’t about to frog that much for 2 squares so I just stitched over the existing brown spots with the tummy white. I may fix it someday, but probably not. Into the *fuppie box he goes!

Today I really need to think about my TIFC project. We are halfway through the month and I haven’t started yet! I think it will be pretty easy, though… the subject for February is “what are you old enough to remember”. Since I was a baby for much of the 70’s, and my teen years were spent thinking about boys, I really only have about 20 years to sift through.

*fuppie box: the place where I put all of my projects that I’ve finished the stitching on, but not finished into something usable/displayable yet. (Finished, Unfinished Projects= FUP)

simple pleasure: giggling through division lessons with my daughter


11 thoughts on “I feel so *boring* lately

  1. Fuppie box! I love it! And I have one, too. It’s an extra large pizza box I had my daughter bring home from her work. It’s large enough to store most of my “fuppies” in without folding them, but it’s flat so it doesn’t take up much room.

  2. Ah yes, that is THE version of MANSFIELD PARK. The gal who plays Fanny is excellent. Glad you enjoyed it :)


  3. Your not boring :)
    I love that little rabbit guy! What a cutie!
    Had to laugh about the teenage years thinking about boys…that did take up a lot of time didn’t it?! LOL! Ahhh…to remember….

  4. Smile! There’s nothing boring about you Monique! You’re a colorful inspiration! Cute bunny!

  5. Boring? Not really … it is just Winter & we are all waiting for Spring. [just my opinion]

    Enjoy the week-end

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