Happy Valentine’s Day


Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck, 1434

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  1. I know that picture was in a least one of my history books in high school, but I could swear it was also in the original opening of “Growing Pains” on tv.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day! What a surprise. :o) I look at that picture and think, what a lovely shade of green! What’s written on the wall? I don’t like his cape, but I’ll bet a few women would like to wear his hat. Why don’t men wear fancy hats these days? And most importantly, was she pregnant when they started sitting, er, standing for that portrait?

  3. Hi Monique,

    After a day at work spent anticipating a dentist appointment on my way home, guaranteed to put a damper on any Valentine’s Day, I arrived home at last to find a little package in my mail box. What could it be???

    It was my order from your Etsy shop. Neat!!
    I want you to know right off that I’d never ordered anything from Etsy before. You are my inaugural purchase. And I am just tickled with everything.

    I knew as soon as you posted pictures of your thread holders that I wanted one, at least. They are so sweet and pretty, and this one will be very handy when kitting up my next project.

    And the zipper fob will look lovely on whatever zipper I put it on. I have a new bag to put spare skeins of thread in that I might need for my currant project and it needs a zipper fob. But the bag is pink, which doesn’t quite match the fob that I just got. Hmmmm….may need to order another fob.

    And I am pleased to add another LHN Thread Pack to my collection. Stash is always good!

    So thank you Monique for making my day. (Well, you and DH – who gave me a lovely card for Valentine’s Day.)

    Oh, and the dentist appointment….No Cavities!!!


  4. Happy Valentine’s Day! That is one of my all-time favorite paintings. I just love the oranges on the windowsill. Thanks for the gift!

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