a nice thursday

purp_opt.jpg So here’s how my purple beaded thing turned out. (background story)

I took my newfound prosperity shopping yesterday… it was market day at my LNS, and I met up with the girls for a little stashing and lunch. There wasn’t much left by the time I arrived (the girls are avid shoppers) but I did buy these:


And how cute is this fishy face?!


My dad built my daughter a trundle bed for her American Girl dolls, but the Webkinz wanted to try it out last night:


I’m dying to start a new stitching project this morning, but instead I’ll be disciplined and get to work on more threadholders. I believe I’ll be able to list more in my Etsy shop this evening. Thanks for all the great words about these, too… I’m so happy that you love them :)

simple pleasure: a good lunch with good friends


15 thoughts on “a nice thursday

  1. The beads look pretty, I’ll bet they really sparkle when the sun catches them. Cute picture of all the webkinz in the bed, looks like it will certainly get used. Great stash too, especially the Doodle one. I hadn’t seen their designs before, loved the silly fish.

  2. Your purple thing is just lovely! Gald you found some Nashville stash! So far none of it is catching my eye!

  3. I love the trundle bed. What a cute fish! Let us know if the purple beads work. Either way, I think they are really pretty.

  4. Your father is very clever, lucky granddaughter!1 I love your threadholders, do you also have a nifty way to store them, maybe hanging on a rack???

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