quick finish


finished Heart in Hand, Snow Day… changed the border :)

20 thoughts on “quick finish

  1. SnowDay turned out very cute, as did your earlier finish Blue Mountain Bunny. Congrats on two such lovely finishes.

  2. Just discovered your blog! :)
    I love yellow cats too. My dear Chris E. passed away Wednesday.
    Thank you, I liked looking at all of your pictures.

  3. That is snow cute!!! I know, I know – I’m punchy because I’m worn out. Long day. Off to read and zzzzzzzzzzzz


  4. It is nice to hear from you, Monique. I enjoy looking at cross stitch blogs. How do you get so much stitching done while you homeschool? You will have to teach me the tricks!

    Michele Bruce

  5. Oh, so nice. Our snow day was yesterday. Not just the snow accumulation — it was the gusts of wind blowing the stuff all over the place. I think there is still a small drift or six to clear out before I head to the post office.

    I’m sick of winter.

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