WIPs out the wazoo


I’ve had this fabric for a while, and never could seem to figure out what to use it on… I didn’t want to waste it on just anything. I had a brown version as well, which I used to re-cover my ironing board (rats- forgot a pic) and figured I’d try my hand at a simple purse with the beige version. I don’t have a pattern for the style I’m imagining in my head so I’m just winging it here… may turn out interesting. There’s a taller pocket on the other side of the lining, too.


Started a new My Mark design. Now that’s like 6 of them I have started… will I ever finish one?! BTW, I (obviously) gave up on the Valentine’s Day Blackwork. It was just too busy of a time for me, but now I’m ahead for next year, right? And this pic is crummy, really. I’m stitching on that yummy Bittersweet Lite hand dyed Jobelan.


Last night I put a few stitches in this LHN design; I think I’ll like the green. (I’m using Dinky-Dyes cotton floss in Gum Leaves) If I finish, this will only be the second Little House design I’ve stitched. I like them, I buy them, I have many of them in my stash… but when it comes down to picking something new to start, I almost never choose a LHN! And the few I have started are never finished, not even close. Weird. Maybe I like the idea of them more than the actual stitching of them.

**I’ve also made a start on 3 comfort dolls, although they are not ready to have their pictures taken yet… they screamed and hid their faces when I approached them with the camera.* *


And, finally, here is my Katie showing off some of my WIPs. Not counting the aforementioned My Mark starts, the four projects in the living room, the Christmas ornament under my daily planner (so I will remember to work on it… been there untouched for about 3 weeks now), and the “to go” project in my car, I have 16 things in my WIP box.

I better get off the computer.


16 thoughts on “WIPs out the wazoo

  1. LOL! You and me both Monique..you and me both!
    Love your lovely thread holder you made for yourself and I am just bamboozled why you don’t finish a LHN…seems that is ALL I stitch :)

  2. I burst out a laughing with your report of the comfort dolls screaming and hiding their faces.

    Thank you for making me feel better about my WIPs. I thought I had a lot.

    I do not know how many LHNs I have, but I’ve never started even one. I want to. I love her designs, I truly do. I have so much going on all the time, they get pushed to the back burner. Story of my life.

  3. I have many LHN’s as well-and have stitched 1!

    I was wondering where you get your WIP bags-they are so cute and look much better than Ziploc baggies!

  4. That’s a beautiful fabric for the bag. Am sure its gonna turn out great.

    Loved to see the outcome of the greens on the LHN design.

  5. Nice thread keep! And good going on your soon-to-be new bag. I have only stitched one LHN design — Odd really as they are very fun to stitch.

    Your WIP pile doesn’t look that large to me. I have mine scattered around — so, they are not all in one place. Easier for me to ignore all of them : )

    Now my, stash stuff, that is getting larger!!! Will have to stitch more : )

    This cold is dragging my energy & the near-zero temps really don’t help any. Hope to be peppier next week.

  6. ROFL love the mental picture of the comfort dolls screaming. And wow, I have WIP ziplock bags. Must step up and get the better bags! LOL And sure looks like Katie is taking a nap along with the WIP’s! I see your day planner gets moved alot like mine! This was a truly fun read this morning! Question though, is my “happy person” a WIP design yet? ; )

  7. I love the fabric! Great use for it.
    I just recently started stitching all of my models. Isn’t it fun! I don’t start more than one at a time or I would be in big trouble. Let’s go I want to see your new work!
    That’s a very pretty green you’re using on the LHN. I buy a ton of them and stitch them. Oh to be so popular :)


  8. I have many LHN’s and just now I am stitching one and would like to finish it soon they have more patterns than one can stitch. Can’t wait to see what how your bag turns out.

  9. Monique, I love how your purse is turning out! I hope I get to SEE it soon :o) And those fabbies? Well they’re great! Can’t wait to hear what you do with the really colorful one – you have such a great sense of design that I know it will be fabulous for the fabbie!

  10. The green you chose for the LHN chart looks beautiful!!! Love your threadholder and I wait to hear more about your new design :)

  11. Oh your bag is going to be beautiful! I love all your WIPs. I have a ton myself but I’m still really wanting to start more new things. You’re in good company!

  12. I Love your threadholders Monique!!! And your purse is going to be gorgeous! I love that fabric… Can’t wait to see your *Finished* LHN Schoolgirl Lessons in the Green… ;-)

  13. Hi, Sweetie Pie! No probs with the WIPs. We all have them, and I just stack mine in plain view and love them from afar..or aclose, as the case may be. I’m working my RRs right now, but my WIPs know they’re in my heart and within my grasp when I can get to them! :) I love your green for LHN. I love the look of the designs, too, but I don’t seem to buy them! Go figure! Love your threadie, Monique! Hugs, Deb

  14. what a neat update Monique! I love the green you chose for the LHN piece! You have lots of WIP’s don’t you!?!?!?

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