a little lunch, a little stashing…


What a lovely day! For the first time in ages it wasn’t freezing cold or snowing, and my friend Marianne (along with her hubby) popped into town. We lunched at Lewis & Clark’s (pictured above) and strolled around Main Street a wee bit.



And because no trip to Old Saint Charles would be complete without a stop at Stitches,Etc., we stashed a bit too! I’ve posted pictures of the outside of my LNS before, but this time I remembered to take a few inside as well:



The pictures of Marianne & myself didn’t turn out… I’ll go ahead and blame it on her husband (the unofficial event photographer) although probably it was just that my little pink Nikon was feeling moody.  It is a girl camera, you know.  Ah, well. My hair wasn’t looking its best today anyway :)




    • 1 piece of 36 ct. Edinburgh linen (for experimenting)
    • Lizzie Kate, Hop Squared
    • The Prairie Schooler, Weather Wise
    • The Sweetheart Tree, Fiesta Flowers
    • The Need’l Love Company, Ship of Life
    • Midnight Stitching, Heartstruck Quakers
    • Midnight Stitching, Dream Wish Believe

    How cute is that little PS Peep?! I want to stitch it up like yesterday already.

    simple pleasure: a late lunch on an “almost Spring” day


    19 thoughts on “a little lunch, a little stashing…

    1. What a lovely town you have! And a great LNS. I love those new PS designs and obviously you do to! Enjoy yoru goodies.

    2. Looks like a great time…WOW to that LNS :)
      I’ve got all the new PS coming to live with me soon…I just couldn’t choose one…LOL! I’m excited to stitch the peep too!

    3. What a beautiful little town! And your LNS looks amazing – I am jealous. How far are you from Minneapolis?

    4. What a great day out! You LNS is lovely and looks stuffed to the gills. Great stash too-I really like the ship of life.

    5. Oh how fun and great pictures! It was like being there :) What kind of food do they serve? I love places like such.

      That LNS looks well stocked!

    6. Oh, Monique, I wish I’d been with you! Your town is so gorgeous and what a shop to have as a LNS! :O I’d die of excitement!! You stashed to my hearts content, too! I love the “…Ship” especially. What fun! Hugs, Deb

    7. Monique I had a blast visiting with you and stashing at Stitchers Etc. What a great shop! Old St Charles is such a lovely town along the river. Hope to have my blog updated shortly and hey! picts of us too!!

    8. Oh, what a lovely adventure you and Marianne shared… I love the pics of your town and your LNS…what can I say??? Oh, my! I’d love to get lost in there for a few days… Great stash as well… Of course I must have all the new Prairie Schoolers… ;-)

      I’ve tried posting on your blog the last few days and seems I can’t post on any WordPress blogs… I’m at work now, so I thought I’d give it a go here and see what happens…

      Thanks for your kind and thoughtful well-wishes… It means so much to me!

      Oh, and I mentioned in one of my *lost in the blogosphere posts* how much I loved your thread keepers… they are adorable!

    9. wonderful update!!! How neat to see the town & see pictures of you & Mar. The town is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! You did some great stashing as well, & I think I have been enabled with at least one of the charts you got!!!

    10. Oh how fun, Monique! Looks like along with the wonderful Spring day you got some awesome stashing in, too. And lunch at Lewis & Clark’s – well I remember those days – great food! Glad you had a wonderful time, even if we don’t get to see YOUR pic there!

    11. Wow! what a lovely town and you won’t be able to drag me out of that LNS untill I have checked every corner! lol. Looks like you had a wonderful time and walked away with some great stash.

    12. Sounds like a fabulous fun day! That Need’l Love chart I’ve had on my wish list forever! Love it!!

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