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I keep my stitching fabric in one of 2 places: inside hat boxes on top of my computer armoire and inside sewing boxes stacked on the floor by my window. The top (smallest) hat box is where I keep my Tula and Heatherfield, the middle hat box holds my Aida (in a variety of counts of colors) and the largest hat box is where I keep my fabric stitchables like huck towels, tuckaway pillows, damask facings and so on. (The hard stitchables like mugs, trivets, coasters, etc. are somewhere else entirely.) The good stuff lives in the sewing baskets. BTW, that bunny up there is one that Frank (of Mosey n Me & Trading Spaces fame) made and gave to me. Cute, eh?



Everything on the floor (except for the cat) gets smished into the medium sewing basket. That’s where I keep my scrap fabrics… anything smaller than about 9 X 12, but at least big enough for a little ornament goes in there. This is a pretty good visual history of the fabrics I’ve been stitching on… it acts as kind of an ort jar only with fabric instead of thread and in a box instead of a jar.



The big sewing basket holds all of my good fabric… it’s all labeled and still available, so I can use any of it for My Mark stuff. I like to keep yardage of Belfast and Cashel neutrals on hand, as well as Lambswool Jobelan and Antique White Lugana. I have a few of the Graziano checks in different sizes (though I haven’t designed with any of them yet), as well as FQs and Eights of some of the different Jobelan, Belfast, Cashel, and Lugana solid colors. And of course, no fabric stash would be complete without some hand-dyed fabrics! I love the bright,crazy colors although I also use more muted hand-dyes,too. In the basket, I keep hand dyed fabrics from Wichelt, R&R, Lakeside Linens, Sassy’s Fabbys, Silkweaver, JAR Designs, and Picture This Plus.

My all time favorite fabric is 32 ct. Country French linen… I just love the softness of it and the way the surface is so smooth… yum! On the other end of the spectrum, I do pretty much hate all 25 count fabrics. I wonder: what is your favorite stitching fabric? Are there any that you just hate? Know of any cool hand-dyes I *must* try?? I’ve been feeling a bit odd this week. I have a health concern that keeps popping into my thoughts when I least expect it… I’m hoping you’ll share some fabric thoughts with me in the comments so I’ll have a bit of a pleasant diversion :)

Oh, and how fierce was the Project Runway finale last night?!

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  1. I forgot to add – I’ve been stitching on a piece of lambswool jobelean. OMG – I LOVE this stuff. Love it, love, it love it. I love the feel of it and the sound of the thread going through it. This is the first time I’ve fallen in love with a fabric.

  2. i am glad someone is organized!!
    ahh.. i dont really like aida, but i use it as supplies are hard to get and nothing goes to waste. Anything in 28 count wins with me, hands down!

  3. Great storage solutions! And great fabric stash! What are the dimensions of the largest sewing box – and where did you find them?

    My fabric preference is Jobelan and Lugana.

  4. I love Belfast. I especially love any Lakeside Linen hand-dyed Belfast. Luna, Examplar, Vintage Examplar and Vintage Lentil are just a few of my favorites

  5. I love Cashel linen. 25 ct fabric is perfect for over one stitching. I hate
    regular aida. It’s too stiff.

  6. have you ever tried Glenshea (sp) linens? They are an Irish linen and absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Oh wow, Monique, I really must come play in your stash! I love the way you have your fabrics organized. I’m kind of a novice, so don’t know many of them. I do NOT like linens at all – don’t like the bumps on them. I tend to stay with the lugana type fabrics. I DO like 25 count, however, as it seems to be a little easier for me to stitch on over one as opposed to 28 count over one which is really, really hard for me. You’ll be in my thoughts with your health concerns.

  8. Hey Monique,
    Hope the health issue isn’t anything major. Fabric – let’s see – I LOVE cashel linen when I want 28ct but my alltime favorite is cream 32ct belfast. The color is versatile for anything nearly and the weight of the linen is perfect, IMO, and the threads are tight but not too tight. Zweigart makes the best quality, I think – Wichelt has a nice variety of colors but their linens are so flimsy or stiff (no happy medium from my experience). I loved 26ct Golden Flax and wished it wasn’t discontinued bcause I used it A LOT. It was such a gorgeous honey golden color and even though it wasn’t a soft fabric, the color blew me away. My ABIGAIL’S SAMPLER FOR JOHN was stitched on it.

    Loved your fabby pics!

  9. I read a post mentioned Glenshee – ugh – hate the stuff. To each her own I guess :) The threads are too close on it for my taste.


  10. Wow that is a stash!! I don’t really care for Aida anymore, but my favorites are the evenweaves in 28 or 32 ct.

  11. Now that is a lot of fabric!! I love evenweaves in 28 count mostly. I recently tried Lakeside Linens in 36 count and rather like that.

  12. Fantastic stash and fantastic organization! It is giving me great inspiration as I have fabric stuffed in so many places that I forget where it is. Of course, when I DO find it, it is like Christmas morning so it isn’t all bad but knowning what I have would be much better.

  13. My goodness Monique…I’m showing my husband your mounds of fabric so he’ll get off my back! LOL! :)
    Seriously though YOU introduced me to Sassy’s….I swear I won’t use another fabric (or one for my own personal things that I’m going to stitch for myself that is!)
    Have you tried Sassy’s new Sampler Pack? I HAVE! And oh, they are so divine…just gorgeous. I’m a neutral girl…so my favorites are Creamy Cocoa (#1), Sugared Coffee (close to #1), Milk Chocolate (I’m going to use this one for Heart of America by LHN), can’t forget Tan Marble another goodie and I recently say a lady stitch a project on Mississippi Mud Pie and it was GORGEOUS! I have a project started on Honey 36 ct using DMC 4130 (Of Female Arts by Primitive Needle) it is turning out GORGEOUS and I love toffee too…PLUS I went outside the neutral range and bought Blue Lagoon to do LHN’s Winter Whites on…I think it’s gonna be Fabulous!
    Hope that gives you some to think about…and I do hope your health scare is nothing serious. You know I’m in the medical feild if you need help determining what results mean – maybe I can help. Take care..thinking of you!

  14. Love the baskets for fabric storage! I hope your health issue is soon taken care of. Big hugs on that front. Love that bunny from Frank – so cute!! Let me know if you know of any good red linen – like a Christmas-y red. I’ve yet to find one!

  15. Fabrics are always fun to talk about … look at, fantasize about …. LOL.

    I both love AND hate R&R linens. I love-love-love the funky colors. But sometimes the linen itself is a horror story to stitch on – it’s rough and makes the floss go fluffy, or it’s come out so warped/twisted that it’s a chore finding the holes. LOL. Time for a magnifier?

    I love Lakeside Linens – all the time. ;) But they are darned hard to get ahold of out here in the wilds of Europe.

    I like Silkweaver and Sugar Maple linens. They’re always good quality (or they’ll exchange it), but for some reason they rarely set my heart on fire.

    Your pictures of fabric and fabric storage were great – what a voyeur I’ve become! I’m glad you don’t stuff your cat into the medium sewing basket. ;)

    Take care, healthwise, and if you ever want to talk, you know where to find me. ((((hugs!))))

  16. What pretty, pretty storage. I just purchased Picture This Plus’ Relic for Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, and I had to pick up some of their Phoenix. It’s such a *luscious* red. I really like PTP’s fabric. It’s so friendly and giving and usable. I’ve never used any Sassy’s.

  17. Wow, love your stash!

    I’m super picky about fabric: has to be linen, and I mean 100% linen – no blends. And it has to be 32ct and up. I just recently started a piece on 40 ct – my first experience with this thread count. I like it a lot, especially since it only requires 1 strand of floss.

    And I do like colors, though I often stitch on neutrals. The Lakeside Linens colors are just gorgeous. And I like solid colors: no mottling, etc (told you I was super picky!). One color I have to recommend is Wichelt’s Rue Green. It’s a gorgeous blue-green, matching DMC 927. I plan on stocking up on this color.

    Have never tried R&R linen, though I am impressed with the color selection. I just don’t like the idea of fabric that isn’t washable.

  18. Wow, awesome fabric stash! Talk about variety and beautiful colors. . . I love cashel, it’s my all time favorite.

    Zoomcity I’ve pondered the PTP Relic or Fossil for SOHRH. What type of fabric did you end up with? And are you using silks?

    Vonna you’re making me want to grab the Sassy’s Sampler Pack, I’m drooling. Never have stitched with Sassy’s yet.

    Monique good question on Quaker Christmas. I’d be interested in knowing the answer to that question as well.

    All this talk of fabric is making me desperate for stitching and it’s late.

    Take care Monique. Call if you need to talk. <>

  19. love the way you have all your fabrics stored. Such a neat, organized way of storing them!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. I love fabric, sewing patterns, charts, and anything else to do with sewing. When I pull something out my cat or cats end up in the middle of it. Needless to say I love the picture with your cat!

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