TGIF. No, really.

dscn0503_opt.jpgWoohooo! Today was a banner day for mail… not only did I get Mary Katherine’s most gorgeous pin pillow, I received my Spring Exchange as well. I haven’t a clue who put together the spring bag (it was a central exchange– I’ll have to ask the hostess) but I couldn’t have gotten a better one. I love that bright sparkly yellow fabric and I’ve been wanting to try the DMC Variations threads, so yay! And MK’s pillow is so pretty in person… her attention to detail is incredible… she even put a little ribbon-tag with her name on it on the backside. Thanks much to Mary Katherine and whoever-you-are!


I have (finally!) been able to make some more threadholders, too… the first batch is now listed in my Etsy shop. I’ve been seeing these around on the blogs and I’m so happy you all like them so much! Thank you :)

All of your fabric-related comments on yesterday’s post were great. I was able to get my mind off things for a bit, although the down side is that I really, really want to go fabric shopping now!

I decided to just give up on What Was She Thinking [notes on a scandal] by Zoe Heller. I wasn’t enjoying reading it at all, and life is really too short for things like that. I may see the movie one of these days, although I’m not particularly motivated to. This evening I plan to start The Handmaid’s Tale, one I’ve seen recommended on several blogs.

***I have a question for you Christmas Quaker stitchers… how many skeins of the main color would I really need? I’d like to stitch it using 2 strands on 28ct. I’ve heard that 22 of the 5yd skeins is required, but that sure sounds like a lot to me. ***


P.S. Guess what’s next on my learn to do list… picked up the last of my soldering supplies today on the way to the doctor. Can I have a 25-hour day, please?

Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day… and for the energy to enjoy it.

Edited: just found out the Spring exchange bag was from Debbie Draper :)

13 thoughts on “TGIF. No, really.

  1. In middle school shop classes soldering was my absolute favorite activity. We alternated metal shop, wood shop, home ec–cooking, and home ec–sewing. I think I may have listed them in the order of how much I liked them! I hope you enjoy soldering.

  2. hi monique,
    you sure are lucky with that spring exchange.:) i’ve been using DMC variation threads on my designs and stitchings, and am having a blast. they’re perfect for my quakers.

    glad to see you got an etsy shop too, i opened mine on november ’07 but it’s currently empty. will browse your store in a little bit, as my PC’s acting up again:)

    btw, thanks for dropping by at my blog!

    happy stitching,

  3. Ooh! Looks like someone is going to have a crafty weekend.

    I love your fabric storage idea. And the color of your studio is gorgeous!!

    Enjoy your weekend…blessings!

  4. What a gorgeous exchange! And a lovely new batch of thread holders! :)

    I hope you get that 25 hour day – and if you do, will you tell me the secret?? ;0

  5. very pretty Monique! You got a lovely assortment in the exchange. Wish I had participated!!! Your thread holders look very interesting too!!!!

  6. I was going to say immediately that I love the stained glass header photo you have now! What a beautiful exchange! Love your new thread holders – so pretty. Can’t wait to see your new project – stained glass or jewelry?

  7. Missed you today at Cathy’s, so thought I would pop by here to see what you’ve been up to. I see you’re busy doing everything, as usual. :o)

  8. hi monique, just want you to know that i tagged you on the “7 random facts” thing. rules are now posted on my blog. hope you don’t mind.

  9. Congrats on winning MK’s pillow! It’s so cute! I just ordered one of your thread keepers. I think they are so cute!! :)

  10. What a cute pillow, and what fun exchange surprises. The colors are so bright and springy, perfect for the exchange. I loved seeing your fabric stash in your ealier post. I’ve recently started working on increasing my fabric on hand too so I can have a better selection when I go to start a piece.

  11. I love MK’s pillow-so pretty! Enjoy! Great spring exchange too-those colors are so vibrant. Your treadkeeper’s are so cute.

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