there’s a clump in my funnel


OK, so here’s how my creativity works: I get an idea in my head (could be very vague) and I let it rattle around a bit, either befriending it or kicking it to the curb… If I judge it to be a good idea, I pop it into my creativity funnel. (figuratively speaking, of course) As it gets more detailed and more precise, it moves down towards the neck of the funnel and readies itself for tangible expression. Generally there are several ideas traveling through the funnel at the same time… they are patient and wait for for their turn and don’t cause a bit of trouble. But if too many ideas enter the funnel or if I’m lax about expressing them, they cause a traffic jam of sorts and their trip to the neck of the funnel is slowed down… they get impatient and start bumping into each other and before I can turn around there’s a clump in my funnel.

And then nothing comes out.

The remedy? I have to do something so non-creative, so mind-numbingly boring, that the ideas have a chance to relax and stop struggling to get out. It’s as though they realize that there’s no chance they’ll make it out of the funnel anytime soon so they just back off. (sadly, some float backwards out of the funnel entirely and are lost forever) And so I better get started on some intense housework… cleaning the baseboards, dusting off the top of the kitchen cabinets, vacuuming lint from the refrigerator grate, and so on. The boring stuff :)

Here’s hoping I’m unclumped soon.


13 thoughts on “there’s a clump in my funnel

  1. Monique, I got your darling thread holders this afternoon!!! Such speedy service,thank you! I think they’re wonderful and wouldn’t have noticed anything if you hadn’t pointed out the teensy little flaws :) My threads will be so happy to have a such a sweet place to reside :)

  2. I don’t think you need to be medicated, but I do: I read your title as “There’s a Clump in my Funeral.”

  3. Ha Ha! I should be very creative then due to the fact that I have been doing soo much of that boring stuff. Hope your funnel becomes un-clumped.

  4. Oh Monique, sorry that you are not able to have creative ideas flow through the funnel right now. Maybe you need to stand on your head and see if the funnel unplugs.

  5. Monique, your funnel will be full to over-flowing in the coming Spring. It’s time out time!! :]

  6. Don’t know why this has logged me in with my BoundtobeBookish site, Monique. I take it you know it’s me…right?

  7. So, how’s that clump coming along? Is it through the funnel? Cuz I was thinking, I have some baseboards that you could clean. Maybe you want to sweep my garage? Touch-up painting! That should work! You let me know, OK?

  8. Let me send you the key to my house and you can continue the boring stuff here. LOL

  9. Housework, lol. I never would have thought of that. I take long walks to help sort out my thoughts and get new ideas.

  10. I hope you get unclumped soon. I have the same problem, so maybe something boring is in order to clear out the clump!

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