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A few people have tagged me with the Seven Things meme; I have already done it in this post but I think it’s a fun one, so I’m going to list seven more things about myself… only this time I’m going to focus on things that I love :)

  1. I love the smell of a new book.
  2. I love my daughter’s “good morning” hug and the way she looks so sweet and rumpled in the mornings.
  3. I love the way Katie’s fur glistens in the sunshine when she’s sitting on the kitchen windowsill.
  4. I love the way my husband’s shoulders feel when we’re hugging.
  5. I love how being able to artistically express an idea makes me feel.
  6. I love the promise that new beginnings hold.
  7. I love the sounds I can hear from my front porch; the train whistle in the distance, the tinkling of our wind chime, the birds twittering in the trees, the constant mooing of the cows at night, the soft whooshing sound a breeze makes…



11 thoughts on “seven more things

  1. Oh gosh I love the smell of a new book too. And the promise of spring. What a great list Monique! Thanks for sharing it!!

  2. Hi Monique:

    What beautiful stash!! I wish I had a Bingo game here that I could play and win things like that as well! How wonderful and congratulations to you!! Thank you so much for the really nice comment that you made in my blog!! You just really make me feel good and literally made my day today reading it!! I am glad that you like Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and I will really love it when you get yours and I can watch your progress!!! I can’t thank you enough for being so sweet and making me feel good today!!

    Debby :)

  3. I love this list – so sensory! I just got Eric to hang up my windchime – we’ve only been in this house two years! LOL!

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