thread, coffee, + a chick


Sally was so sweet to send me a couple of skeins of the new DMC Satin floss… I haven’t seen any around here yet so I’m not sure if it has made it to the US or not. It feels very nice, not as slimy as the old Rayon floss, and it has a pretty shine. I’m hoping to get a chance to try it out later this week; thank you, Sally!

I also received my coffee from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company— from the sample offer I posted about last week. Although I wasn’t too crazy about the flavor (due to the liqueur) I would certainly try again with another flavor. I’m not sure I’d go to great lengths to track it down or do mail order, but if I run across the brand in a store, I’ll pick up a bag. It’s good coffee.

BTW, I couldn’t wait any longer, and started the little Prairie Schooler Peep.

simple pleasure: getting little goodies in the mail :) 


8 thoughts on “thread, coffee, + a chick

  1. Cute Easter ornie! Great floss! NICE coffee. I signed up, too, but I wonder if they will go to the trouble of sending some to NL? If they do, I’m sure I’ll like it. As long as it tastes slightly of coffee, it’s OK with me :o)

  2. That is sooooo funny! I am stitching peep, too. Just putting in the background and it will be done! Have a great day!

  3. Adorable peep! And I haven’t seen that floss either, maybe I better head to the store LOL!!!

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