my daughter joins the biz ;)

AAAACK!  WordPress is eating the comments I am leaving on your blogs… shuffling them over to the spam file.  And I have found comments that you’ve left me in my spam file.  Something fishy is going on!


I finished Peep! Not sure about my choice of green for the “peep”… sort of gets lost against the strong background. I may take it out and restitch in another color, but I probably won’t. I’ll probably add it to my stitching scrapbook as is.

If I did want to frog it though, I’d be able to use my new frogging needle. (how’s that for a lead-in to a new product? LOL) Yes, I’ve come up with another gadget… I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having with my Etsy shop! It took me about a week of trial & error to get a frogging needle that I’m happy with.

One of the problems was the frog image. I just didn’t like any of my frog drawings, so I asked my 9-yo daughter to help. After a few attempts she came up with a little frog that was perfect, and I entered into a licensing agreement with her. She will be receiving a percentage of sales from my frogging needles and is very excited by it all.

Speaking of Etsy, I ran across a lady (California Seaming) who makes cool little felt flowers for decorating Crocs… of course I had to get some. I can totally see myself getting these in all different colors and changing them to suit whatever I’m wearing… aren’t they cute?



16 thoughts on “my daughter joins the biz ;)

  1. Peep is so cute!! Your daughter did a great job on the frog. It is great to see the start of a young talent. Love the shoe decor.

    Take care

  2. I’ve been keeping a closer eye on my Spam folder.

    Hey, your daughter is really talented! What a gifted family you are. :D

  3. cute ckick!! I think the green is fine, it looks really nice :)
    The little frog you daughter designed is so cute!!!

  4. lol you have to stop making things I want! you’ll see an order from me .. love that frog :)

    and I’ve been getting your comments just fine :)

    Love Peep! tooo cute

  5. Your Peep is too cute! The frog turned out great! She’s takes after her Mom with talent!!

    WordPress has been doing something weird as I’ve been getting spam in my mail. I’ve been checking my spam too just in case.

  6. Hi Monique. Thanks for dropping by my blog, and leaving a comment. I’ve had a lovely time reading here, and looking at all the lovely things you’ve made. (Those Peep-mobiles are fantastic!)

    I shall definitely come back – hope you don’t mind!

    :-) x

  7. Thank you for the alert! You were SPAMmed and not the only one! I love that little froggy. You’ve got a talented partner. :o)

    I love your Croc flowers, too cute.

  8. Peep is so cute and I just love the frog needle. Your daughter definitely deserves a percentage – that frog is adorable!

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